Blueprint by Garry Creath

Blueprint by Garry Creath

Author:Garry Creath
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: BookBaby
Published: 2019-03-12T00:22:46+00:00

Yes, And

Another way to move the conversation forward comes from improv. When participating in improv, you never stop the flow of the performance with a refusal. No matter what’s suggested to you, your job is to agree to it and add to it. You are taught to do that by saying “Yes, and…” In this way, you never stifle the other performers’ creativity, and you never block up the energy of the performance.

When we’re speaking with clients, whether it’s someone brand new or a previous client who’s not quite happy about something, there’s no reason to say “no.” We should never put our clients in a position of defensiveness. If they have a suggestion that’s completely unreasonable, take the improv route. If Chris were to offer tequila first thing in the morning, Garry might say, “Yes, I do enjoy tequila. And what I’d really love is a cup of coffee.”

Try adding this to your next conversations with a client, and see where it takes you: “Yes, I see why that’s a good idea. And what I know works especially well is…”


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