Black Love White Lies 3: A BBW BWWM Romance by Genesis Woods

Black Love White Lies 3: A BBW BWWM Romance by Genesis Woods

Author:Genesis Woods [Woods, Genesis]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Blake Karrington Presents
Published: 2016-01-18T05:00:00+00:00


The feel of small hands and feet crawling up and down my body and face caused my eyes to finally open from the few hours of sleep I’d finally caught up with. After sexing Cairo for half of the night then getting up to feed and change the twins, I dropped down on my pillow and was dead to the world.

“Hey, mommies baby.” I greeted a smiling Nyles as his small hands grabbed at my nose then my eyes. “How’d you get in here? Did daddy bring you and your sister in here to wake mommy up?” Nyles continued to laugh while Egypt slid off of my stomach and rolled over to her dad’s side of the bed, and laying on his pillow.

“Spoiled little heffa,” I said as I playfully rolled my eyes.

“You need to be the last person calling someone spoiled.” I heard from the chair in the corner of my room.

“Ari?” I finally set up. Grabbing Nyles and sitting him next to his sister, I looked around my room until I spotted Ariana sitting lazily in my favorite chair with the remote in her hand and flipping through channels on the muted TV. “When did you get here? Better yet, why are you here? Where’s Cai?”

It was at that minute that I noticed the scent of the Mango conditioner Cairo uses for his dreads wasn’t as strong as it normally is whenever he’s in the room. The faint scent of his Old Spice Fiji body wash was still in the air, so I knew he’d already taken a shower.

“Cai isn’t here. He went out to run some last minute errands before you guys go to the photo shoot then out of town for your little birthday getaway.”

“But he didn’t wake me up.”

“Hence, the reason I’m here. Cai wanted you to get your beauty rest on before the festivities started today, so I volunteered to watch the twins until you woke up and to keep an eye on them while you got ready.”

I appreciated my sister being here and all, but I kind of felt some type of way that Cai didn’t tell me Happy Birthday before he left. Plus, I was looking forward to that early morning birthday sex I knew would bring in this day just right.

Getting up from the bed, I walked into the bathroom and handled my business before brushing my teeth and getting into the shower. Placing my bathrobe on, I walked back out into an empty bedroom. On my way to head downstairs to find my sister and babies, I noticed a beautifully wrapped box sitting on the edge of the bed. Squealing like a pig, butterflies started to flutter in my stomach as I jumped up and down in excitement. Forgetting all about the twins and Ari, I took off toward my bed and bounced back onto the soft mattress, picked up the card laying on top of the box and opened it first.


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