Between Enzo and the Universe by Chase Connor

Between Enzo and the Universe by Chase Connor

Author:Chase Connor [Connor, Chase]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Publisher: Lion Fish Press, The
Published: 2020-01-13T16:00:00+00:00

Reasons to Keep Moving

The front door to my apartment, on the second floor of an old tenement building, would stick quite often. At first, it was an egregious annoyance, one that would frustrate me to the point that I would badger the landlord to fix it on a daily basis. Over time, however, I learned that pushing against the door while giving the bottom right-hand corner a sharp kick with the toe of my shoe would free it from the jamb. Whether it was set haphazardly in the doorframe or it was just old, thick paint that caused the problem, I wasn’t so sure. Regardless, it was easier to deal with a sticky door than a landlord who felt he didn’t have to fix anything due to the meager amount he charged his renters each month. The fact that he rarely gave me any trouble when my rent was late—which was often—also changed my habit of badgering him about the door.

The journey from the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal had not been long, but it had been electrifying. We were too busy holding our coffees and drinking them, as well as talking and wildly gesturing with our hands, to bother with lacing our fingers together once more. There was so much to be said to each other, so many things to learn, now that we had decided to honor Fate by taking advantage of the one night we had to spend with each other. Peter wanted me to tell him everything about myself, and I was equally eager to hear anything and everything he could tell me about his life. I wanted to know about his family, his traditions, his education, his likes and desires, his aversions and turn-offs, his favorite and worst memories—everything. And he wanted the same. Together, walking through the city as it slowly went to sleep around us, we shared the minutiae of our lives with each other.

Actually, the further I walked through the darkened streets of Montreal, a rapidly cooling coffee in my hand, I began to feel ambivalent again. Was I truly interested in learning every mundane detail of this gorgeous American’s life, or was I so enamored with his kindness and charisma—not to mention his looks—that everything about him seemed thrilling? I hated to think that I had been swept up in the superficial nature of our new relationship if one could even call it a “relationship.” We were technically on our first date. That in and of itself was strange. Who meets a stranger by chance at an Autumn festival and decides to turn the chance encounter into a first date? My mind went to the thought of dating apps and websites—one in particular stuck out in my mind—where people would meet up the same day they had learned each other’s names through an electronic device, and pray that murder was not the outcome. There was something about Peter that told me he would not harm me, though I knew he was dangerous. He had even warned me that all people are dangerous at dinner.


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