Bardsley, Michele by Husband For Hire

Bardsley, Michele by Husband For Hire

Author:Husband For Hire [Hire, Husband For]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2011-10-19T23:21:43+00:00

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Heat zinged the pit of her stomach. Oh boy. She was in trouble.

The meal, as Alex had promised, tasted excellent. Maggie was sure the actual names of the dishes were unpronounceable, but it boiled down to salmon, scalloped potatoes, and some scrumptious vegetable stuff that melted on her tongue. She suspected baked squash. Maggie had not eaten food so delicious, and although she enjoyed it, she felt relieved when the dishes were cleared.

They declined dessert, despite the mouth-watering display of chocolate concoctions. To her amazement, Alex scooted out of the booth without waiting for the check. She followed awkwardly. "I insist on paying half," she blurted. "It’s only fair."

He smiled. "It’s already taken care of. Shall we go?"

"Wait a minute. I--I feel like I should pay something."

Alex cocked his head; the look in his eyes made her shiver with an odd anticipation. "I’ll find out what you owe--if it’ll make you feel better."

She nodded, and Alex led her out of the restaurant.

Alex didn’t speak another word as they drove home. The tense silence had Maggie in knots by the time they arrived. The setting sun’s light filtered through the trees as they pulled into the gravel drive.

"Thank you for dinner," said Maggie. "It was wonderful."

"You’re welcome." Alex’s lips pressed together. "I have a confession."

Maggie’s heart pounded harder. "What is it?"

"I...I’m not who you think I am. I’m—"

"About time!" Gran’s voice shouted as her gray-haired head poked through the driver’s side window. "Where have you been? I’m not paying you to lollygag around, Alex."

"Gran!" exclaimed Maggie. Her heart still beat erratically. What had Alex almost said?

"You two get inside. I gotta tell you something."


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