An Omega's Heart by Amber Kell

An Omega's Heart by Amber Kell

Author:Amber Kell [Kell, Amber]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Erotic Romance Fiction
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Published: 2015-09-14T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Five

Alpha Carl had soldiers fetch them as soon as the sky turned the faintest hint of blue. Jacob knew two seconds after meeting Alpha Carl that he didn’t like the guy. Carl took one look at Conley and his pheromones flooded the room. Jacob’s inner beast fought him to burst out and take down the alpha. Good thing his human half remained in charge. He might be a strong beta but Carl topped him by at least four inches and fifty pounds, not to mention his soldiers had automatic rifles in their ham-sized grips.

“I’m Alpha Carl,” the pompous shifter said. “I hear Alpha Gage sent you to check up on me.”

“He’s checking on the status of vampires at different camps.” Jacob tried to hold back his temper. “I’m surprised you haven’t cleared out the lake.”

Carl shrugged. “We leave them alone. They leave us alone.”

“You realize this is war. They are killing our kind.” He didn’t know how to respond to the alpha’s ridiculous statement. Live and let live didn’t stop the tide of vampires killing everything they could get a fang on.

“I prefer to take a more collaborative approach. Every few days we give them a few wolves for their little project and they don’t kill us.” Carl’s tone indicated he thought it a perfectly reasonable trade to hand his people over to the enemy.

Jacob gritted his teeth and pushed his wolf farther back into the corner of his mind. He couldn’t concentrate on finding answers if all his energy went to not killing the alpha. “What kind of project are they working on?”

“What do I care? They pay us well to keep the other troops out of their way and unaware of their location. When this war is over, I’m going to live like a king.”

“And you don’t care about all the lives you’ve ruined?” Conley asked. “What if the vampires renege on their agreement?”

Carl scowled. “Why would they do that? We’ve been working together for over a year and have never had any problems.”

Apparently the alpha didn’t consider sacrificing people to be an issue.

“Those are someone’s family you’re killing,” Conley said.

The alpha shrugged. “As long as it isn’t my life, I don’t care.” Carl slid his gaze up and down Conley’s body. “But, I can be persuaded to care about you, little wolf.”

“I’m mated.” Conley stepped closer to Jacob.

Carl smirked. “You might be mated but you aren’t claimed. If he’s not man enough to claim you for himself, I’ll take you off his hands. Or let me put it this way. You can stay with him and be sent to the vampires or stay with me.”

Jacob wrapped a hand around Conley’s arm to keep him from leaping at the alpha. A low growl rolled from his mate.

“Alpha Gage knows where we are.” They’d been foolish to walk into camp. They should’ve taken their chances at the lake. He could only hope his team found them in time.

“No, I bet he only knows where you’d planned to go. I’ll be very sad when I tell him you never made it here.


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