Amish Christmas Memories (Indiana Amish Brides Book 2) by Vannetta Chapman

Amish Christmas Memories (Indiana Amish Brides Book 2) by Vannetta Chapman

Author:Vannetta Chapman [Chapman, Vannetta]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction, Forever Love, Christian Stories, Faith Based, Inspirational Reads, Denominations & Sects, Love Inspired, Bachelor, Single Woman, Amish, Pennsylvania Dutch, Traditional, Clean Romance, Farming, Animals, Simple Living, Plain Clothes, Mennonite, Buggy Travel, Amish Country, Courting, Old Fashion Ways, German Language, Hearts Desire, Faith, Bible Teaching, Life-Changes, Second Chances, Honesty & Trust, Home & Family, Lifetime Love, Love-Family & Forever, Action & Adventure, Small Town & Rural Area, Indiana Amish Brides, Temporary Amnesia or Memory Loss
Publisher: Love Inspired; Original Edition
Published: 2018-12-01T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter Nine

The next week flew by for Rachel.

She saw Dr. Michie two more times. Though she was still remembering very little of her past, she was learning to cope with her current situation. She didn’t mention her moods to the doctor. Frankly, she was embarrassed that she woke each day feeling as if she couldn’t crawl out of bed. Once up, after she’d had coffee and eaten, her mood usually improved. If the weather was sunny, she walked to the little one-room school. If it was snowing or if the wind was blowing, Caleb or John drove her there. As far as the evenings went, some were good and some were bad. Wasn’t that true for everyone?

She kept her appointment with the medical doctor who had treated her at the hospital. Dr. Gold assured her that she was healing, and reminded her that “these things take time.”

Martha was easy to work with. She was a few years younger than Rachel, and she planned to marry as soon as school was out. There would be openings for two new teachers, since the board had decided to proceed with plans to build an additional schoolhouse on the far side of the district. Rachel sometimes wondered if she should apply for the job, but as Dr. Michie had told her, “Don’t worry about making tomorrow’s decisions today.”

So she’d focused on the children and the upcoming Christmas play, and in her spare time she did those things that Dr. Michie had suggested. On the afternoons Caleb picked her up from the school, they drove in a random direction to help her look for anything familiar. A comfortable friendship developed between them and maybe something more.

Sometimes when she thought of how much she owed the good man sitting next to her in the buggy, how Gotte had blessed her life with the presence of him, she was certain that their friendship would develop into love. Each night she’d allow her mind to play back the events of the day—and more often than not, her thoughts focused on something Caleb had said, or the casual touch of his hand as he helped her into or out of the buggy, or the way her heart raced when she looked up from her knitting and caught him studying her. Was that love? Did she care for Caleb the way a wife cared for a husband? And did he return her feelings?

The knitting was the only thing that completely relaxed her. Because she had to focus on counting her stitches and following a pattern that she somehow remembered, she wasn’t able to worry or question or think. She found that creating something that would be useful to someone else gave her a sense of satisfaction. Perhaps she had been a skilled knitter in her other life. She might never know. More and more she was coming to terms with that.

One night she’d stayed up past everyone else. The house smelled of fresh cedar and pinecones and baked desserts.


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