Addicted to the Process by Scott Leese

Addicted to the Process by Scott Leese

Author:Scott Leese
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ISBN: 9780998405407
Published: 2017-05-18T04:00:00+00:00

From Rock Bottom

Sometimes doing whatever it takes to reach your goals means being willing to do a 180 degree with your life.

In 2008, I gave a job interview to a guy I’ll call John. At the time, he was in his mid-thirties and had already hit his rock bottom. He’d had a substance abuse problem, and he’d been locked up in jail for almost a year. He had just gone through hell and was trying to come back with his first job after incarceration.

John was ready to change his life. He wanted a new path and a new way forward. But at first, he was just happy to have a job and the chance to earn decent money. I could see he wanted something more for himself, but he didn’t quite know how to get there. He was ready to sell, but he had to start with his mindset.

When we first hired him, he thought it would be just another job. Then he found himself in an environment with other people who’d had some difficult challenges, but who also wanted to do something bigger and better with their lives. We pushed him not to accept what life had given him before. And he pushed himself to work on specific changes in the way he thought and viewed the world and in the decisions he made.

I’ve worked with John at three different companies now, and he’s become a good friend of mine. I’ve watched him transform from a raw and undisciplined mess of an entry-level sales rep to one of the top sales representatives in a company, becoming sales manager, then senior sales manager, and then director of sales. He has grown into an extremely valuable and successful sales leader. He understands people and their motivations, and he uses his personal story to his advantage. He is a huge inspiration in the sales office because he believes in himself and has confidence in his ability to sell.

His story just goes to show that if you get your mindset right, and you’re willing to make certain sacrifices and changes, you can turn your life around to become a huge success. Anybody can do it—no matter the obstacles they have to overcome—if they want it enough.

Once you have the mindset to succeed, you are on the path to success. But before you can make a sale, you have to know what you’re selling and what to say. The next chapter teaches you to know your stuff.


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