A Spy's Guide to Strategy by John Braddock

A Spy's Guide to Strategy by John Braddock

Author:John Braddock
Language: eng
Format: azw3, epub
Tags: spy, spy thriller, thriller, business strategy, strategy, world politics, espionage, self-help, game theory
Publisher: John Braddock
Published: 2017-08-12T04:30:00+00:00

From the outside, the Arab Spring looked like the first type of Zero-Sum Game. The losers would be vanquished. They would be killed or exiled. The Arab Spring looked like first type of Zero-Sum Game.

Or maybe the second type of Zero-Sum Game. An interminable civil war. Zero-Sum Game after Zero-Sum Game. Conflict after conflict. One side against the other forever.

But if you were inside the Arab Spring, you saw something different.

You saw that most people wanted to play the third type of Zero-Sum Game.

If you were an Egyptian protester, you didn’t like the 30-year-old state of emergency laws. You didn’t like the lack of free speech. You didn’t like that you had a PhD but could only get a job giving tours. You didn’t like how food was distributed. You didn’t like a lot of things.

But there were other things you liked about Egypt. Maybe you liked how the Egyptian government protected you from Israelis. And from Tunisians. And from Libyans. Maybe you liked that the Egyptian government subsidized your education. Maybe you liked that the Egyptian government gave some food to your family.

But maybe you didn’t like that a neighbor got more. Or had a better job. Or got more vacation time than you did. Or maybe you experienced an injustice. When the Egyptian government punished you or a family member without reason.

So you protested. You protested so good people would get justice. So the right things would be done.

But you didn’t want to destroy Egypt. You didn’t want to destroy even the government of Egypt. You just wanted different decisions made. You wanted someone else in charge. You wanted a better boss.

Which meant you held back. You didn’t want too much violence. You didn’t want things to get out of control. You didn’t want the clashes to become the second type of Zero-Sum Game. You didn’t want a civil war. And you didn’t want the first type of result from the protests. You didn’t want the winner to destroy the loser.

You wanted the third type of Zero-Sum Game. You wanted a Positive-Sum Game to be the next game played. You wanted peace and cooperation in the end. You wanted Egypt to stay Egypt. You wanted the nation to stay together.

You just wanted a different kind of boss.

A better kind of boss.

Inside every Positive-Sum Game, some people have more power than others. Some people make more important decisions than others. Some people decide what the rest of the group will do. Inside every Positive-Sum Game, someone is the boss.

Sometimes, the boss is a committee. Sometimes, it’s a group within the larger group. But every committee has a chairman. Every group has a leader. Which means one person is usually the ultimate boss. Usually, one person makes decisions for a group.

Usually, groups have a hierarchy of decision-making.

It looks this:


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