A Penny for Your Thoughts by Literotica.com

A Penny for Your Thoughts by Literotica.com

Author:Literotica.com [liter]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: liter
Publisher: Unknown
Published: 2011-01-08T03:49:26.443000+00:00

It's how she had filed this one away. And now I knew the reason, but not the entire story. I decided to dig a little deeper as consciously, I now told Jenny to lead me into the house where I could get some pen and paper from her. We did that, me tagging along inside her head along for the ride as she searched out her mother's bill cabinet. All the while, hearing her thoughts, as well as reading and discovering her secret ones. Like being in two places at the same time, which in a sense...I really was.

"I hate you Brian Jones, for not being the one that I eventually lost my virginity too, when all I ever wanted was for you to be the one when the time came. I hate you for never noticing me, for being two...count em, just two fucking years older than me, but never even giving me a moment's notice. I happen to have tits too you know, and nice ones too! Though you'll sure as hell never see them, not now anyway. Especially since you'll be leaving to go off to school soon, and then...just like my brother, see you what...once? Twice a year if I'm lucky? No! Fuck you Brian. Fuck you for making me love you...and hate you, all at the same time!"


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