A Cracking of the Heart by David Horowitz

A Cracking of the Heart by David Horowitz

Author:David Horowitz
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
Published: 2010-05-02T16:00:00+00:00

December Salmon

An autism expert talks about salmon. Nature, he says, gives us many variations. Salmon usually swim upstream in spring when the tide levels are optimal. There is a group of salmon though who always swim in December. In a drought year the December salmon are the only ones who survive.


When Mariah wants a bottle or a waffle she sometimes bangs her head on the floor until she gets it. She seems oblivious to the pain. We put Polaroid pictures of a waffle and a bottle on the fridge. One day her bottle picture is lost underneath a pile of papers on the kitchen table. She digs through the pile, finds Mom who is talking to someone in the next room, and hands her the picture.

I begin to think life would be much simpler if the rest of us could exchange pictures. Lately I’ve been having trouble in taquerias. When I ask for “No sour cream,” the no gets lost in the buzz of voices and clink of cervezas. I’m tempted to hand the bored distracted women who wrap the burritos a picture of exactly what I want.

The pop psychologists are always counseling good communication. I tried it with the last guy I dated. Ron and I were neighbors and movie buddies. After the movies, we’d hang out at our local coffee shop talking and laughing. We never talked about turning our friendship romantic, but one night, watching a B movie marathon in his studio apartment, I put my hand on his thigh and his mouth moved towards mine. He had a sweetness, a gentleness I liked, but was obviously still in love with his ex-girlfriend. So I told him what I wanted. He stopped calling. My first love once said to me, “There is no perfect communication. All those books are wrong,” and I felt relief like a cool breeze, like other conversations we had where he laughed and said, “exactly.”


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