39 Clues - Cahills vs. Vespers 03 - The Dead of Night (Peter Lerangis) by 39 Clues - Cahills vs. Vespers

39 Clues - Cahills vs. Vespers 03 - The Dead of Night (Peter Lerangis) by 39 Clues - Cahills vs. Vespers

Author:39 Clues - Cahills vs. Vespers [39 Clues - Cahills vs. Vespers]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2012-03-06T06:00:00+00:00

Amy sat back in a padded armchair. Her stomach pressed against the waistband of her jeans. The dinner had been sumptuous, the conversation friendly. Now she and Dan were alone in the den before the fireplace, with hot cocoa and Turkish cartoons on TV. The lingering smells of the dinner made the room feel cozy and warm.

She looked over her shoulder. Luna was puttering around in the kitchen, singing to herself. She had a sweet voice.

They were far enough away that she wouldn’t hear them talking softly. Amy eyed the windows and contemplated an escape plan. Dan had told her he’d contacted Attleboro, although he wasn’t sure they’d gotten the text.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so hard to do this on their own.

“Luna’s softhearted,” she whispered. “Do you think we can appeal to her?”

Dan shrugged. His eyes were half closed. “Hey, Amy, is this what our house was like? Did we sit around and have hot chocolate and TV at night?”

“Sometimes,” Amy said.

“All I remember,” Dan said, “is that nine-inch black-and-white TV with Aunt Beatrice and her false teeth. Watching Wall Street Week and eating frozen dinners. Some family. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a real one again?”

Amy nodded. She wished Dan could remember their old life. “When we grow up,” she said, “we’ll have amazing families. Our dens will be better than this. Your kids and my kids will play together in a humongous room with every kind of toy and game.”

“Except I won’t have kids,” Dan said. “I’ll come over myself and play. . . .”

“Are you having fun?” Luna Amato called from the kitchen. “I must make a phone call. And then I will join you! I have a surprise!”

Before they could answer, Dan’s phone buzzed in his pocket. As he read the text, his mouth fell open. “What the — Amy, come read this!”

She jumped across the room and looked.

V-5 is Interpol agent Luna Amato. Repeat. V-5 = Amato. Reply at once.

Amy’s field of vision went white for a long second.

Luna . . . a Vesper?

“We weren’t rescued,” Dan squeaked. “We were kidnapped. Like Hansel and Gretel.”

Amy grabbed his arm. “We’re busting out of here — now!”

They slipped out of the den. Luna was chatting on the phone in the kitchen. On a table, Luna’s pink cell phone was lit up, sticking out of an open purse.

“How can she be on the phone in there,” Dan said, “if the phone is here?”

“She must be using a landline.”

Dan dug in Luna’s purse. “Car keys,” he whispered.

Amy looked at the back door. They’d have to run past the kitchen and hope she didn’t see them.

Luna was pacing now. Amy could see her moving shadow. “On the count of three,” she whispered. “And fast. One . . .”

Luna’s arm appeared in the entranceway. “I must return to my guests,” she was saying.

“Two . . .”

The arm was gone, the voice receding.


They raced to the door. Amy grabbed the knob. It wouldn’t budge.

“Heads up,” Dan said. He took a heavy porcelain mug from the sideboard and threw it through the door’s window.


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