39 Clues - Cahills vs. Vespers 01 - The Medusa Plot (Gordon Korman) by 39 Clues - Cahills vs. Vespers

39 Clues - Cahills vs. Vespers 01 - The Medusa Plot (Gordon Korman) by 39 Clues - Cahills vs. Vespers

Author:39 Clues - Cahills vs. Vespers [39 Clues - Cahills vs. Vespers]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2010-12-31T06:00:00+00:00


127 pages of Janus documents on the Mud Angels.

68 pages of police records on art thieves and known buyers and sellers of stolen art.

1 large table.

4 Cahill cousins.

“Okay,” said Amy, “we read these files, and nobody gets up from this table — not even to go to the bathroom — until we’ve figured out who took the ‘Medusa,’ who has it now, and where we have to go to get it back.”

“I can’t read,” Hamilton complained. “My eyes are swollen shut.”

“Sometimes you have to take one for the team, yo,” Jonah told him.

“I didn’t take one for the team,” said Hamilton through clenched teeth. “I took one for you. And if it gets back to my old man that a Holt was kicked around by a bunch of ten-year-old girls, I’ll have to find another family!”

“Cut it out,” Dan snapped, his face pinched. “Bad stuff happens to all of us because of the family we were born into.” The serum was very much on his mind — seven ingredients collected, thirty-two to go. “Let’s just do this. Think of your sister, Hamilton. Or Phoenix. Or Nellie.”

The four dove into the dossiers, and silence fell in the hotel suite. Their world became a blizzard of data — names, addresses, dates of birth, career highlights, prison records. Every random fact and mundane footnote had to be given full concentration. There was no way of knowing which casual detail would turn out to be the one that would lead them to the “Medusa.” Would it come soon, or take hours — even days? Would it come at all?

After the first hour, all four had splitting headaches. By the third, Amy’s ban on bathroom breaks had to be lifted.

Dan was returning from one of these when he caught a glimpse of a profile Jonah had just tossed onto the growing discard pile.

“Hey, that guy’s in here twice.”

It got Amy’s attention. “There’s another file with his name?”

Dan shook his head. “Not the name; the face.”

“The pictures are faxed,” Hamilton noted. “You can’t see much.”

“If Dan recognizes that guy, then it’s the real thing.” Amy picked up the discards. “Let’s find him.”

About halfway through the stack, the second file emerged. Despite the blotchy fax quality, all four searchers had to admit that the faces matched.

The first was an entry on a watch list from the Arma dei Carabinieri — the Italian national police force. It contained information on one Alberto Sudem, who was suspected of being a buyer of stolen works of art. According to the notes, Sudem had dropped out of sight in the 1980s and was presumed dead. The other was one of the Janus secret files on the Mud Angels — Gregor Tobin, born 1937, a fabulously wealthy art collector currently living in a large palazzo on the shores of Lake Como.

Amy’s eyes were alight with excitement. “It has to be him! He was a Mud Angel, so he had access to the ‘Medusa.’ And the Italian police have him on an art theft watch list.


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