101 Ways to Lose Weight and Never Find It Again by Scott Baptie

101 Ways to Lose Weight and Never Find It Again by Scott Baptie

Author:Scott Baptie
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No food is off limits, but I’d go for fresh fruit over dried every time, especially if you usually have a handful of dried fruit mid-afternoon or go wild throwing it onto your porridge in the morning.


Don’t like running? Me neither.

That’s why I don’t do it. But so many people force themselves to do some type of exercise that they really don’t like.

If you’re a fan of swimming, then here’s why you might want to get back into that swimming gear and jump in the pool.

Studies have shown that notching up the lengths several times per week can help improve your body composition, increase strength and improve your blood lipid profile.124

Swimming has also been found to be more effective in reducing body weight and fat distribution compared with walking.125

It’s also a fantastic, low-impact option for people who maybe don’t have the best joint health or are recovering from an injury. Swimming can also help you unwind and many find it very relaxing, especially if you get to jump into the Jacuzzi or steam room afterwards.

If you mix things up a little and vary what stroke you do, swimming is excellent for flexibility as you take many joints (like the shoulders) through a full range of motion.

If you’re not a fan of swimming because you get bored easily, try swimming for a certain period of time rather than a set number of lengths. This way you’re able to let your mind wander and relax, rather than focus on keeping count and remembering how many lengths you’ve done.

Like most training programmes or exercise regimes, it’s important not to just do the same thing over and over again. Firstly, you’ll get bored and, secondly, you won’t progress as quickly compared with having some variety.

Try to alter your pace, use a float to work just on your legs, or get a pool buoy to do some lengths just using your arms.

Here’s a good swimming workout for a beginner:

• 4 x 25m easy warm-up (ideally this will be freestyle/front crawl, but you can do breast stroke if you prefer)

• 2 x 25m with a float, so you just use your legs. Rest 20 seconds between lengths.

• 2 x 25m with a pool buoy, so you just use your arms. Rest 20 seconds between lengths.

• 4 x 100m with 30 seconds rest between each 100m.

• 2 x 25 fast swim. Rest 30 seconds between each length.

• 4 x 25m cooldown.

Total = 750m, 30 lengths of a 25m pool


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