101 Amazing Facts by Goldstein Jack

101 Amazing Facts by Goldstein Jack

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In the town of Taos, New Mexico, everyone who lives there (or even just visits) can hear an annoying hum which sounds much like a diesel engine running in the distance. However, despite multiple attempts, no sound recording or monitoring device can pick up the sound, and therefore it is impossible to tell where it is coming from. Could it be (as one actual explanation proposes) that the sound is transmitted directly into people’s brains, rather than being a physical noise? To this day, no-one knows for sure.

Perhaps the strangest example of an object ‘out of its time’ appeared in Romania when in 1974 a group of workers discovered three objects buried ten metres deep in a sand trench. Two of the items were found to be prehistoric elephant bones, dating back two million years. The third object was an aluminium wedge. Considering that the metal was not created until 1825, experts were - and remain to this day - astounded. Of course, many claim ‘hoax’, but if one doesn’t jump to that conclusion right away, the implications are extraordinary.

In 1908 an Italian Archaeologist named Luigi Pernier discovered a fired clay disc in the ruins of the Minoan palace-site of Phaistos. Dating to the 2nd millennium BC, it is around 15 cm in diameter with each side covered by a spiral of symbols, comprising of 45 unique signs which appear to have been made by pressing hieroglyphic seals into the clay when it was soft. To date, the Phaistos Disc has eluded any attempt to translate it, as it has been generally concluded there is not enough context available to decipher the script.

While prospecting in Colorado in 1818, a man named Thomas Jefferson Beale came across three cipher texts which allegedly reveal the location of a buried treasure hoard, including gold, silver and countless precious jewels. Only one of the three ciphers has so far been cracked, and the key to that was - amazingly - the Declaration of Independence. That particular text revealed that the treasure is buried in Bedford County, Virginia - however it is thought that the two remaining undeciphered texts tell us where in the county it is! Despite the potential burial area being huge, it hasn’t deterred a whole host of treasure hunters from regularly scouring the hillsides for any signs of disturbance.

The most significant event in the history of SETI - the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence - is known as the Wow! Signal. Whilst observing deep space from Ohio University’s Perkins Observatory, Jerry R. Ehman suddenly noticed a strong radio signal coming from the constellation of Sagittarius. It was so far above the scale of what would be considered ‘normal’ background radio noise, that the computer printout had to use letters, as no numbers went high enough! It was clear to anyone involved that this signal was not something that occurred naturally in space, and Ehman circled the numbers in the printout, writing ‘Wow!’ in the margin - hence the now-accepted name for the event.


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