0237881001339066178 holly black - curse workers 01 by white cat

0237881001339066178 holly black - curse workers 01 by white cat

Author:white cat
Language: eng
Format: epub

“Sure,” I say, and reach into my back pocket for my wallet. I flip it open and touch the place where driver’s licenses go. Mine’s not there.

“Oh, man,” I say. “This isn’t my day.”

“Where’d you leave it?” the guy asks.

I shake my head. “No idea. Look, I totally understand if that breaks the rules or whatever. I have one other place to hang up fliers, then I’ll go look for my license. Maybe your friend can give me a call and I can just drop the cat with her. My sister will understand.” The guy gives me a long evaluating look.

“You have the adoption fee?” he asks.

I look down at the paper, but I already know what it says. “Fifty bucks, sure.” The door rings, and some people walk through it, but the man behind the desk keeps his eyes on me. He licks his lips.

I take out the cash and set it down on the counter in front of him. I’ve blown through a chunk of my savings in the last few days, between bad bets and spending. I’m going to have to be careful if Lila and I wind up living on the rest.

“Okay, I’ll hook you up,” the mark says, taking the money.

“Oh,” I say. “Cool. Thanks.” I know better than to overplay it.

“So, this long-haired cat,” Sam says, and I freeze, willing him not to stick his foot in it. He’s looking at the guy behind the counter. “Do you need to call your friend or anything?”

“I will,” he says, and I can see the red creeping up his neck. “I want to surprise her.” A woman walks up to the desk, a filled out form clutched in her hand. She looks impatient.

I have to push.

“Can we take the cat now?” I ask. I put the bracelet down on the counter. “Oh, your friend will probably want her collar back too.”

He looks at the woman and then at me. Then his hand closes over the bracelet and he heads into the back and comes back a few minutes later swinging a cardboard pet carrier.

My hand shakes when I take it. Sam grins at me in amazement, but all I can think of is that I have her. I did it. She’s right here in my hands. I look through the air holes and I can see her, prowling back and forth. Lila. A cold jolt of terror runs through me at the wrongness of her im-prisoned in that tiny body.

“Be back in an hour,” I tell the guy, hoping I never see him again.

I hate this part.

I always hate the part where I know they are going to wait, their hope souring into shame at their own gullibility.

But I clench my jaw, take the cat carrier with Lila in it, and walk out the door.


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