Yahari ore no seishun rabu kome wa machigatte iru - Volume 08 by Wataru Watari

Yahari ore no seishun rabu kome wa machigatte iru - Volume 08 by Wataru Watari

Author:Wataru Watari [Watari, Wataru]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 978-4-09-451434-6
Publisher: Baka-Tsuki
Published: 2015-07-08T04:00:00+00:00

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While they were picking out sportswear, it was just about closing time for the shops. So that meant we were entering the last stretch of my long job as a supplement. When we made it outside, it was completely dark out as well as cold.

Hayama checked his watch and called out to Orimoto and her friend.

“Are you guys a bit hungry?”


Orimoto immediately responded and Hayama made a bitter smile. At a time like this, he wouldn’t go so far as to blow off the self-proclaimed refreshing Orimoto. But, I think at times like this was when uncle should be showing off his shy side.

“Okay, what should we eat?”

When Hayama asked, Nakamachi looked lost in thought for a moment, but replied modestly.

“Anything’s fine with me.”

“What to eat, huh?”

Orimoto spun around and looked at me. Her expression had hints of amusement mixed in it.

Well, if they asked for my opinion, then I’d answer. I wanted to go home early so I had to choose somewhere close to here. In which case, an appropriate choice would be a store immediately right outside.

“I guess Saizeriya might be good.”

I thought about how Chiba’s Saizeriya had covered a lot of bases. So my decision came out quickly. But after hearing that, Nakamachi had an apathetic look in her eyes.


Didn’t you just say you were fine with anything…? So, what were you getting at? You didn’t like Saizeriya? Or was it that you didn’t like me?

Actually, forget about me, apologize to Saizeriya right now. Even if you hate me, please don’t hate Saizeriya!

On the other hand, Orimoto held her stomach while going “Saize… Saize, huh… Sa, i, ze…” and burst out into laughter. As I thought about how we were never going to pick anything at this rate, Hayama came in to mediate.

“Well, I guess we shouldn’t get anything too heavy so why don’t we settle for that café over there?”

Hayama pointed in the direction of a café across the street. It was a store that looked chic and hip so the girls nodded in agreement. They definitely only said yes because Hayama suggested it, didn’t they…? Had I blurted this out, I couldn’t see a future where everything would work out peacefully. It was basically that. “The law decrees that you don’t get popular from being in a band, but you get popular because you’re a popular guy in a band.” Something like that.

In any case, we crossed the street and entered the store.

The inside was moderately warm and the dim lighting of the store made the atmosphere very comfortable.

After each of us made our respective orders, we ascended to the seats on the second floor.

The dim store was somewhat empty probably because of the late time.

There were several people sitting at the seats to the side of the stairs and at the window counter was one person. Further in were open tables. With our group, we decided to move over there.

From this position, the seats for smokers at the counter that were separated by a sheet of glass could be seen on the other side.


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