Understanding The Times by Myers Jeff & Noebel David A

Understanding The Times by Myers Jeff & Noebel David A

Author:Myers, Jeff & Noebel, David A.
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: christian students;christianity;communism;marxism
Publisher: David C. Cook
Published: 2015-08-31T16:00:00+00:00

Mr. Bryan—“These gentlemen have not had much chance—they did not come here to try this case. They came here to try revealed religion. I am here to defend it, and they can ask me any question they please.”

(Applause from the court yard.)

Mr. Darrow—“Great applause from the bleachers.”

Mr. Bryan—“From those whom you call ‘yokels.’”

Mr. Darrow—“I have never called them yokels.”

Mr. Bryan—“That is the ignorance of Tennessee, the bigotry.” [referring to Darrow’s comments to the press]

Mr. Darrow—“You mean who are applauding you?” (Applause.)

Mr. Bryan—“Those are the people whom you insult.”

Mr. Darrow—“You insult every man of science and learning in the world because he does not believe in your fool religion.”

As the cross-examination of Bryan concluded, the defense pled guilty, removing the chance Bryan had to cross-examine Darrow. We will never know what Bryan might have asked had he gotten his turn, but his writings reveal a deep concern with how the “survival of the fittest” idea would be used in society. Bryan’s dire predictions came true; social Darwinism became the philosophical justification for the eugenics movement, the sterilization of minorities, abortion, and ultimately the Nazi holocaust. 4

Tellingly, there is a scene at the end of Inherit the Wind where the Clarence Darrow character, played by Spencer Tracy, takes up a Bible and a copy of Darwin’s Origin of Species, weighs them in his hands, and then slaps them together as if to say, “Maybe I can keep both.” This final scene sets the stage for a discussion of biology: Whom should we trust regarding important conversations about the nature of life and its origin?

Much of the conflict between faith and science plays out on the battlefield of biology.


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