The Victorian Guide to Sex by Fern Riddell

The Victorian Guide to Sex by Fern Riddell

Author:Fern Riddell
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Bisac Code 1: HIS015000; HISTORY / Europe / Great Britain
ISBN: 9781473837270
Publisher: Pen and Sword
Published: 2014-05-30T16:00:00+00:00

How to Choose a Wife by the Shape of Her Legs: -

The great French poet Pierre Jules Theophile Gautier (1811–1872) once proclaimed, ‘Show me the leg, and I will read the mind.’ Leading on from this – and remembering from earlier volumes all you have learnt from the practice of reading your beloved’s character in their physical attributes – I feel it is most pertinent to present you with a handy reference guide for the easiest way to choose your future intended: by the shape of her legs.

It may be that you were unaware of such possibilities and, make no mistake, it will take all of your most gentlemanly attributes to observe the lower legs unseen – for such observations will be considered greatly improper in respectable company. But I am sure, once you are well versed in this understanding, you will indeed choose a proper and well-domesticated wife.


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