The Space Between Our Hearts by Kat Evans

The Space Between Our Hearts by Kat Evans

Author:Kat Evans [Evans, Kat]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Lesbian, Romance
Amazon: B01E7IQSA6
Goodreads: 29911038
Published: 2016-04-11T22:00:00+00:00


Taylor crossed her legs and stared out of the passenger window. She was as excited about a three hour awkward car ride with Stephanie, as she was about a prison strip search. They were only about ten miles out of town, but it felt like they’d been driving more than an hour already.

Sheesh, would this day ever be over? Why o’ why hadn’t she excused herself when she discovered it would be just the two of them today. She hadn’t wanted to come across as childish, that’s why. But as the miles slowly passed, she decided being labeled childish beat feeling uncomfortable any day.

She sneaked a peak at Stephanie out of the corner of her eye. Stephanie didn’t look unnerved in the least. Damn her, it wasn’t fair. Her shoulders were relaxed. One hand gripped the steering wheel, while her other hand casually rested on her thigh. Good grief, Stephanie had sexy hands. Taylor bit her lip. And those strong arms…Ayiyi…The memory of her touch sent goosebumps across Taylor’s shoulders and down her arm. Her inner bad girl wanted to tell Stephanie to pull over, so Taylor could crawl across the seat into her lap and straddle her muscular thighs. The fantasy made her shiver.

“Are you cold?” Stephanie asked.

“No.” A guilty flush heated her cheeks. “I’m fine, thanks for asking.” Why did this woman get under her skin? What was it about her that made Taylor feel more like a woman than she ever had one minute, yet five minutes later feel like an awkward fifteen-year-old?

Honestly, Taylor didn’t recognize the exact emotion she felt about Stephanie after the other night. It was some collective combination of lingering desire, annoyance, anger, rejection, and embarrassment. It was all so confusing. Sure she was interested in Stephanie Scruggs. But it wasn’t like she wanted to marry her or anything. Heck, she hardly knew her. So, so what if Stephanie had a girlfriend. And so what if she wanted to keep their association professional. It shouldn’t be a big deal to her. But it was. And she had no idea why.

“What made you forgo your usual disguise today?”

Taylor shrugged. “Figured it might do the opposite of what it’s intended and draw more attention at a police station.”

“Good call. Are you bisexual?”

“What?” She almost swallowed her gum. Stephanie’s question came out of nowhere. Taylor turned in the seat to look directly at Stephanie. “Why do you ask that?”

“You don’t look gay to me. And I would have to say that I have pretty decent gaydar. Stellar, actually.”

“Um, okay…? And?”

“But the other night you said you’ve kissed a woman. Which surprised me. Was that like a onetime bicurious thing, or are you bisexual?”

Taylor wrinkled her forehead. “I’ve never had anyone ask me that question.” Before meeting Brandy, sex with a woman would have been taboo. Sure, she had a few gay friends prior to prison. Okay only one, and he was actually her hair dresser. And he probably didn’t qualify as a friend.

“Didn’t realize the question would be such a shocker.


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