The Returned, Part III (Star Trek: New Frontier, the Returned) by Peter David

The Returned, Part III (Star Trek: New Frontier, the Returned) by Peter David

Author:Peter David
Language: eng
Format: mobi, azw3, epub
Tags: Alien Invasion, Video Game Adaptations, Science Fiction & Fantasy, TV, Movie, Genetic Engineering, Space Opera, Star Trek, Science Fiction, Adventure, Military, First Contact
ISBN: 9781476790954
Publisher: Pocket Books/Star Trek
Published: 2015-09-07T00:00:00+00:00

New Thallon

“HE BROUGHT YOU to the Q Continuum?” Robin could scarcely believe it. “My god. What was that like?”

“Open. Very open,” said McHenry.

They were seated in the living room, and Robin was bouncing Cwansi on her knee. Indi was seated nearby, shaking her head. “I don’t understand. Is he a god or isn’t he?”

“He isn’t,” McHenry said firmly. “He’s an alien being. A very powerful alien being. And for some reason, he’s taken an interest in what’s happening on New Thallon. Trust me when I say that that isn’t a good thing.”

“What’s he going to do?” asked Robin. “Is he going to attack us?”

“I don’t know.”

“And if he does,” said Indi, “are you powerful enough to defeat him?”

“I don’t know,” McHenry said again. His frustration was palpable. “Look, there’s something you both have to realize.” He got to his feet and aimlessly walked around the room. “I haven’t had my powers for all that long. Not in the great, grand cosmic scheme of things. The truth is that I don’t know exactly what I can do and can’t do. But Q, on the other hand . . . he can pretty much do whatever occurs to him. I think . . .”

“You think what?”

He stared at her. “I think we should get the hell out of here. I think we should forget about the promise that you made. I think we should give up the dream of Cwansi growing up to lead these people.”

“You mean leave?” said Indi. She sounded genuinely concerned. She crossed the living room and walked up to McHenry. “But you have people coming this afternoon. People who have made appointments for you to . . .” Her voice trailed off as she saw his expression. She lowered her gaze. “That must have sounded very selfish. I apologize.”

He rested a hand on her shoulder. “No need for apologies—and no, it didn’t sound selfish. You came in and arranged things for us. You made order out of chaos. For that, we thank you.” He turned back to Robin. “So what do you say, Robin? Shall we blow this popsicle stand?”

“This what?”

“Old Earth saying. Don’t worry about it. Shall we get out of here?”

“Where would we go? Do you know where the Excalibur is?”

“Not at the moment. But I can bring us to Bravo Station. I’m sure Shelby will be happy to see us, and then we wait there and see if we can reconnect with the ship.”

She thought a moment and then nodded. “Okay. Okay, that makes sense.” She lifted Cwansi up and turned him around so that he was draped across her shoulder, then she walked over to McHenry. “Get us out of here.”

“What about you?” Mark said to Indi. “Do you want to come with us?”

“Me? No.” She smiled. “I am Thallonian. My place is here. Do not worry about me: I am quite sure I will find something worthwhile with which to occupy my time.”

Impulsively, Robin reached out and hugged her. Cwansi let out a small squeal as he was momentarily squished between the two women.


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