The Mystery by Lacey Sturm

The Mystery by Lacey Sturm

Author:Lacey Sturm
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Rock musicians—United States—Biography (Lacey Sturm);Christian biography;Biographies;BIO026000;REL062000;JNF007080
ISBN: 9781493405404
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Published: 2016-08-24T04:00:00+00:00

Hero Note:

Sarah Patrick

Meet Sarah Patrick. She is a hero to me because she has great faith. She is willing to pour out her life every moment in order to be obedient to her heavenly Father because she knows he loves her. She taught me that his way is the best way! She also taught me that God is our defense when we can’t defend ourselves.

Here is a note to you, from Sarah.

Dear Reader,

God is love. He is love inside and out, and you cannot be torn, removed, hidden, or snatched from his love. Too often, those who have been hurt or decimated by life begin to believe God is a broken lover too. But he isn’t. He is and forever will be Love. He is and forever will be loving you.

I often think of myself in my early teenage years and how wild and big and full of possibility the world looked. How there was a whisper in my heart that said I was made to be wild and full of possibility too. Too often I let fear, doubt, and other voices convince me I was mistaken—I wasn’t really called, chosen, or wanted. But I was wrong. Those whispers were invitations from God.

I would love to go back and tell myself, “Don’t ever be afraid of saying yes to an invitation from God. Be bolder than you think normal, dream bigger than you think wise, and say yes to every invitation from God. Even when you are afraid, say yes.”

With the Father’s love,

Sarah K. Patrick

wife, mom, blogger/writer, photographer


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