The Greek's Christmas Bride by Lynne Graham

The Greek's Christmas Bride by Lynne Graham

Author:Lynne Graham [Graham, Lynne]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: 2016-11-01T16:00:00+00:00


PIXIE SLUNG HER shoes across their stateroom in a gesture of frustrated fury. Apollo had acted like a total ass all evening and then somehow made a fool of her as if she were the one in the wrong? How was that fair? How was she supposed to forgive him for that? How was she supposed to cope with being married to such a maniac? So much for the business arrangement!

The door clicked open and Pixie spun. ‘I’m not sleeping in here with you tonight.’

Apollo simply depressed the lock and studied her. ‘You’re not sleeping anyplace else.’

‘You’ve got ten guest cabins. What is the matter with you?’ Pixie exclaimed furiously. ‘What do you want from me?’

Apollo surveyed her steadily, concealing his growing bewilderment at his own actions with difficulty. He had lost his head and he didn’t ever do that.

‘Are you going to answer me?’ Pixie asked impatiently, one hand planted on her hip while her foot tapped cheekily on the floor.

He just wanted her. Somehow she was like a missing puzzle piece he had to have at any price. The sex had been amazing. It was the fireworks and the sex that attracted him. She was having the weirdest effect on him. Problem solved and sorted, he told himself stubbornly.

‘Any time soon?’ Pixie prodded in frustration. ‘Like...tonight?’

Apollo unbuttoned his shirt for want of anything better to do. A knock sounded on the door and he answered it. Hector raced in, paused in horror at the sight of Apollo, gave him a very wide berth and shot trembling below the bed. Apollo locked the door again. ‘You’re my wife,’ he told her finally, and as far as he was concerned at that moment that covered everything he needed to say.

Pixie was perplexed by that response. ‘But not a real wife...’

‘We’re legally married, having sex and I’m trying to get you pregnant. How could it be any more real?’ Apollo enquired. ‘Tonight I felt married.’

Her smooth brow indented, grey eyes shimmering with indignation. ‘Well, if that’s how you behave when you’re married, I wouldn’t like to have been around when you were still single.’

‘I wasn’t expecting you to hit back,’ he admitted with startling abruptness, his beautiful wilful mouth curling with a sudden amusement that enraged her even more. ‘Clever move, koukla mou. Guaranteed to get a rise out of a guy as basic as me.’

Her breasts swelled temptingly over the top of the corset as she breathed in very, very deeply. ‘You think it was some kind of strategy to get your attention back?’ she shouted at him in disbelief.

‘It worked,’ Apollo pointed out drily. ‘So, presumably it was deliberate?’

‘No, it freakin’ well wasn’t deliberate!’ Pixie launched at him, bending to scoop up a shoe and hurl it at him in furious rebuttal of that conviction. ‘How dare you be so big-headed that you can think that?’

‘I’ll let it go this once,’ Apollo murmured silkily. ‘But if you ever let another guy touch you like that again you’ll pay for it.


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