The Good Lawyer by Thomas Benigno

The Good Lawyer by Thomas Benigno

Author:Thomas Benigno [Benigno, Thomas]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Landview Books
Published: 2012-03-14T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter 39

For a Saturday morning at Kennedy Airport the Pan Am departure terminal was practically deserted. Eleanor had her bags checked with an hour to spare before her flight left for Atlanta. She was flying first class.

It was one full month before her brother’s wedding and her parents insisted she show up for rehearsal. As we sat in a coffee shop overlooking the airfield I wondered, with her being a bridesmaid, who would be her partner. I was hoping for a bucktoothed cousin, twice removed, with pimples.

“It’s only a week or so. I’ll miss you.” Eleanor sounded like a little girl. I suppose thoughts of returning to the bosom of her family’s estate made this come easy.

“And what makes you think I’ll miss you? Joey, me, and his Olds ‘98 will be hitting all the clubs along Hempstead Turnpike. Just like the old days.”

Eleanor was looking at me with pretend piercing eyes. “You know my family has enough money to have you killed.” She popped another bite of coffee cake in her mouth, still grinning. “You’re worried about my going home. Aren’t you?”

I hated that she saw right through me. “No,” I said emphatically.

She pulled her hands away and slapped them down on her lap. “You’ll survive Atlanta. Trust me. I wasn’t left on a doorstep, you know. My family is nice. They’ll like you.”

But it wasn’t her family I was thinking about. I was starting to sweat. I needed to change the subject.

“Where will I sleep when I go down for the wedding?”

“The house has eight bedrooms. When I get there I’ll lay claim to the guest bedroom next to mine.” Her eyes widened over a Cheshire grin.

“I take two showers a day you know, one when I get up, and another when I go to bed.”

“I’m sure my parents will appreciate your cleanliness. And Nick, while I’m away, get some sleep for God’s sake.”

We walked over to the boarding area. When the last call came we kissed, long and hard, like two leads in an old movie, letting go of each other slowly. I watched as she drifted down the accordion tunnel, and disappeared from sight.


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