The General's Treason: A Prequel to Book 1: AMBUSHED (1st Chronicle of the Gibborim 0) by William Charles Oakes

The General's Treason: A Prequel to Book 1: AMBUSHED (1st Chronicle of the Gibborim 0) by William Charles Oakes

Author:William Charles Oakes [Oakes, William Charles]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Eaglewing Publishing
Published: 2016-04-09T16:00:00+00:00


Iuni, the Landless Queen of the Hittites, had met Lord General Joab only on a few occasions, all of them social. This was not to be that type of meeting. Lord Eran, her aide, would not tell her the purpose of the meeting. Only that the Lord General had requested a private audience with the Queen.

The meeting would take place at Iuni’s residence. She lived in a populated area of Jerusalem where walled and gated estates were common. Among her neighbors were wealthy merchants and honored dignitaries under the protection of the throne. She was allowed to live there as a sign of respect to her people, the Hittites. Many Hittites still served with distinction in the Army of Israel.

Iuni’s home was a mixture of her favorite colors, the colors of the steppe of her homeland. There were pale greens and sandy browns with splashes of vibrant blue and sun yellow. Today, she wore a formal blue gown the color of deep lake water. It was an appealing contrast to her pale blue eyes. Her blond hair flowed long down her back, held in place by a simple circlet of gold around her head. It was not the royal crown she desired so badly to wear, but it was in homage to it.

The Lord General of the Army of Israel arrived punctually. He was dressed in his battle attire. He was a tall, lithe man of middle age, impeccably groomed. He carried his gold helmet under his left arm. From his left hip hung an ornate sword from a gold sequined black leather belt. Lord Eran, dressed more humbly but no less formally in a multi-hued sand-colored robe, escorted him into Iuni’s small drawing room and closed the door behind them. The conversation would be only for the three of them.

“My Lady, Iuni!” Joab greeted her with a warm smile and proper deference to the one person all Hittites swore loyalty to. “I am so grateful for this opportunity to speak with you.”

“You are welcome here, Lord General Joab,” Iuni responded in kind, formal and proper.

“Please, let us sit in the sunshine by the window,” she offered. “It is a chilly day in Jerusalem.”

The two men followed her to three pale green cushioned chairs set in a semi-circle before a great window looking eastward. A breeze was blowing from the north, past the window, which seemed to leech the warmth from the drawing room.

Once Iuni was seated, the men sat down, keeping their feet flat on the floor, backs straight, hands resting on their knees.

“Lord Eran tells me little of the purpose for your visit, Lord General.” Perhaps you can satisfy my curiosity?”

“Indeed I can, Lady Iuni. I come with grave news, startling information.”

The General allowed a moment of silence to pass. He watched the Queen’s expression for any change. There was none. So he continued.

“And I come with a plan.”

“You are as cryptic as my Lord Eran, General Joab,” Iuni said with a mirthless smile.

“I merely wish to set the stage for what I am about to tell you.


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