THE FIRST TIME by The First Time

THE FIRST TIME by The First Time

Author:The First Time [Time, The First]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2012-05-31T23:18:12+00:00

Chapter Six

Joanie rolled over, frustrated, and punched her pillow. David wouldn’t offer any further information on the upcoming weekend, and had tried to cuddle with her to fall asleep. When his breathing deepened and slowed, which took a matter of minutes, Joanie had rolled from his arms.

Now she couldn’t sleep. She was still horny, and David had responded with a comment about the upcoming weekend, then tucked her in and told her to sleep. Joanie lay there with her eyes wide, staring into the darkness. Sleep wouldn’t be easy with her mind swirling with the possibilities he had planned. She hated his calm stubbornness, and loved that quality in him at the same time. What that man did to her!

Roxanne’s new boyfriend, Jeffrey, had said something about meeting at his cabin. Joanie didn’t know him very well, but Roxanne thought the world of him. David had known the man for years and the two of them had partied a lot in their younger days. And from the times they’d spent together, Joanie liked him too. He had that boy-next-door look about him, with soft, brown curly hair, and blue eyes bordered with lashes so long they should be on a woman. He wasn’t as tall as David, or as muscular, but he had that confident attitude about him that Joanie liked to see in a man.

She let her mind drift to the conversations earlier that day. David had mentioned another man joining them, and then made that comment about this upcoming weekend. He’d been discussing something with Jeffrey and they didn’t want Roxanne to know about it. Would Jeffrey agree to join her and David without telling Roxanne? Joanie wouldn’t be able to agree to that. But David wouldn’t suggest such a thing either. Joanie felt sure about that.

So what had they been discussing? David had something up his sleeve for the upcoming weekend. And it involved sex. Kinky sex. Joanie knew David well enough to know that he liked adventures, and would go to the extreme of planning something erotic if he thought she would enjoy it. She had to admit the thought of having more than one man playing with her turned her on. But it was a fantasy. Would it be as exciting in real life?

Joanie sighed, knowing she could think about it all night and never have her answer. David could be very stubborn, and he wouldn’t enlighten her of his plans until he was ready. The best thing she could do was to clear her thoughts and go to sleep. Easier said than done.

She woke up the next morning tangled in the sheets and alone. It wasn’t unusual for David to be gone before sunup with his line of work. She went about her morning routine and headed to her office. Maybe Roxanne had better luck than she did finding out what the men had talked about. She would see what her friend was doing for lunch, and hopefully learn something about the upcoming weekend.

“There is no way I can get away from the office today.


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