The Disappearing Girls by Darrell Bain

The Disappearing Girls by Darrell Bain

Author:Darrell Bain [Bain, Darrell]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: detective, mystery, SF
ISBN: 9780759905832
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory
Published: 2002-07-15T00:00:00+00:00


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WESTON WENT back to see Sandra for a moment before returning to his office. She looked around from where she was seated at the computer and flipping through frame after frame of pictures being displayed on the monitor. “Hi!” She said. “Have you come to rescue me? This is boring.”

Weston was glad to see that she was being cheerful about the process but there was no way to hurry it, not without endowing her with eidetic memory and a facility for speed reading.

“I’m afraid not,” he said. “We’ve got a conference scheduled in a minute or two. I just stopped back by because I suddenly remembered that you no longer have an attorney handling your father’s estate—not that Phelps was much help from what you told me.”

“Do you think Mr. Arrendell would do it? He seems like a nice man.”

“Sure. Just get back to him soon as you finish here. Tell Dan that I asked him to do it for you as a favor. I’ll call him later and confirm it with him.” Dan Arrendell was Weston’s attorney friend.

“OK, I will. Where do you want to meet after work? And what time?”

“I’ll have to call you. When you do go home, get the security guard at your apartment to go with you to open the door, then keep it locked.”

Sandra frowned. “Do you think that’s necessary? You told me you thought it was probably a burglar last night.”

“I still do,” Weston told her. “I just don’t want you taking any chances until we get this thing solved.”

“OK, that’s what I’ll do. Thanks.” She turned back to the monitor and began scanning pictures again.

Lieutenant Ward was already gathering the detectives in his office when Weston returned.

As soon as they had all crowded inside he stood up behind his desk and began. “Folks, what with the chief’s conference and the one I had to hold, we can expect this case to turn into a circus. You’re all going to be subject to questions from the media. You are not to give out any information without first clearing it with me. Understand?”

Ward scanned the roomful of men and women to let them know how serious he was then continued. “Tamrick, you’re the whip on this case. You want to tell us where you’re going with it now?”

Weston spoke from the back of the room where he was standing; he had gotten there too late to fit a chair into the room. He said, “First thing, we need to get Rob and his boys out to Phelps’s office and go over it with a fine tooth comb. There’s a chance there might be some prints there which would help us, or possibly even some evidence that he might have had one or more of the missing women there.” He held up a hand to stifle questions. “No, he’s not a real good suspect, but the concatenation from Jimmy’s drug bust where the money went missing, Woolridge’s sudden wealth, his suicide note and, if you’ve done your scans this morning, some of his odd purchases.


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