The Baby Clause (The Contract #1.5) by Melanie Moreland

The Baby Clause (The Contract #1.5) by Melanie Moreland

Author:Melanie Moreland [Moreland, Melanie]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Amazon: B01HLPCQK8
Publisher: Enchanted Publications
Published: 2016-07-02T23:00:00+00:00

I glanced at the clock, surprised how late it was. Katy was asleep, one hand curled under her cheek as she slumbered, completely exhausted. Graham, Laura, and Jenna left a few hours ago. Graham insisted I had to eat, and dragged me from the room, while Laura and Jenna stayed with Katy. I brought her back some cheese, crackers, and fruit, which she nibbled at while we all talked. Once I satisfied him we had eaten something, he took his girls home, leaving me alone with mine.

My family.

Katy tried to convince me to go home and sleep, but I didn’t want to leave either of them. I couldn’t. I wanted to be here with them and make sure they were both okay.

My daughter slept in my arms. A tiny, fragile being, I already loved more than I thought was humanly possible. I couldn’t put her down. I watched as she squirmed, swaddled in a soft, pink blanket. Her rosebud mouth was pursed, her small fists fighting to escape the material. Katy had explained the whole swaddling thing to me, but I couldn’t resist loosening the cloth and letting out one of her hands. She gripped my finger with a strength that surprised and delighted me. My baby girl was strong. Her sleepy blue eyes, already so much like Katy’s, peeked up at me, then drifted shut, her grip never loosening.

“She’s perfect,” Katy whispered.

I looked up with a grin.

“She is, Mommy.”

Katy’s smile was wide and beautiful. “We have to name her, Richard.”

“I know. None of the ones I liked suit her now that she’s here, and I can see her sweet face.” I ran my finger down a plump little cheek. “Are you sure you don’t want to name her after Penny?”

My wife grimaced as she pulled herself up into a sitting position. “No. She didn’t like her name.”

“Was there a name she did like?”

Katy pursed her lips, the expression much like our daughter’s. “She liked her middle name Grace. I like it, too,” she added.

“Grace,” I repeated, liking how that sounded. I looked down at my daughter. “Grace VanRyan.”

“Anne is Laura’s middle name,” Katy offered. “Grace Anne VanRyan.”

It was right. The names went well together, and they honored two women we both loved. “I love it. Laura will be thrilled, and Penny would have been so happy and proud.”

Lowering my head, I kissed my baby girl. “Hello, Gracie.”

“I thought you didn’t like nicknames.”

Standing, I slid Gracie into Katy’s arms. “I thought a lot of stupid things. She looks like a Gracie.” I nuzzled Katy’s cheek, and brushed the hair back from her face. “You, sweetheart, are supposed to be asleep.”

“You should go home and get some sleep yourself.”

“Nope. I paid a lot of money for this private room. I’ll go home when you do.”

“So stubborn.”

I chuckled and took Gracie back. Katy had her long enough. “Yep. So you go to sleep. I’ll just sit here with Gracie and tell her all about her crazy, adopted family and her perfect, wonderful mommy.


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