The Angel by Emma Holly

The Angel by Emma Holly

Author:Emma Holly [Holly, Emma]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: genie, angel, paranormal romance, alpha male, Time-travel, sultan, contemporary, hot romance, small town, junk shop, magic, orphan, fantasy
Publisher: Emma Holly
Published: 2016-12-17T05:00:00+00:00

CONNOR ENJOYED SWEEPING Georgie into his arms. Carrying her made him feel manly, or at least it did for a few seconds.

“Shoot,” she said. “Wait.”

She wriggled down and scampered to the bathroom. Connor was pretty sure he didn’t need the item she came back with. He didn’t believe his body was fertile. He had, however, seen the porn men use condoms, so he put it on dutifully. Georgie watched him with flattering attention.

“Better?” he asked after he was covered.

“Yes. Sorry I interrupted.”

“Georgie, you don’t have to apologize for wanting to protect yourself.”

“Right,” she said and bit her thumbnail.

She was nervous. Given what he knew of her personal life, he suspected why. Oddly enough, her anxiety gave him more confidence.

He took the hand she’d been biting to chafe it soothingly.

“I know I look like a bad girl . . .” she began in a warning tone.

“I’m not judging you by your cover. I will be careful with you and make sure you enjoy yourself.” He smiled, amused by his own situation, so much stranger than she guessed. “You should perhaps be careful with me as well. If you don’t know your own strength, who knows what could be breakable?”

Her mouth twisted humorously. “It’s a deal,” she said and stepped back into his arms.

Oh, it was hard to control his body. It wanted so much to take her where she stood. He swept her up again to distract it, finally placing her where he wanted on her bed. She scooted back on the mattress, lifting her hips to pull her small panties down her long legs.

Her eyes were nervous again.

“You’re beautiful,” he said. “And strong. And we both want each other. This is going to be fun.”

“Right,” she agreed breathlessly.

He laughed and crawled onto the bed with her. She leaned back as he came forward, which he found unexpectedly enchanting. Every inch of his skin pulsed with awareness. Georgie put her hands on his waist. Her palms were warm. He kissed the two golden rings in her right eyebrow.

“You want to be on top?” she asked.

“I do.” His penis surged in agreement that this position appealed to it. He smoothed her left thigh, coaxing it to relax wider.

When he did the same to her other leg, she wriggled restlessly.

Because it pleased him to please her, he slid two fingers through her wet folds. The channels between her labia were butter smooth. He thought they led very nicely to the swelling at their apex. All the research he’d consulted said this was the focal point of a female’s pleasure. Curious, he pinched the bud lightly and rubbed it.

The experts must have been right. Georgie made a broken sound and arched her back off the bed. He liked that. Wetness welled on his tip, similar to what spilled from her. To be honest, he wanted to squirm too.

“I am ready,” she said in a tone of reminder.

He came down on his forearms until his whole front touched hers. Her breasts were soft, their small movements enthralling him.


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