The Amendment Killer by Ronald S. Barak

The Amendment Killer by Ronald S. Barak

Author:Ronald S. Barak [Barak, Ronald S.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Gander House Publishers
Published: 2017-10-30T00:00:00+00:00


Thursday, May 8, 11:55 am

JOEY HAD FOLLOWED Mark Webber to the Courthouse parking lot, then into the queue to enter the Courtroom for the morning session. By the time Joey got to the front of the line, security had stopped letting any more people in.

He flashed his NBN-TV credentials. That did the trick; they let him through.

It took a while, but he finally spotted Webber sitting in the last row of the gallery. Webber seemed less interested in the proceedings than in another spectator only a few seats away from him. Every now and then, Webber scanned the gallery. He appeared to be looking for someone, but his attention always returned to the nearby spectator. Maybe, Joey thought, it was because the subject of Webber’s interest was well-known White House Chief of Staff, Manny Reyes.

Reyes was also restless, gazing around the Courtroom, as if he too were looking for someone. Joey wondered whether they possibly could both be searching for the same person.

At the noon recess, Reyes joined a wooden looking guy standing at the back of the Courtroom. They exchanged a few words and then walked out together. And there was Webber, right on their heels.

Joey tried to follow, but the exit was crowded; he lost them. When Joey got outside, Webber and Reyes were nowhere to be found.

* * *

Nishimura felt her cell phone vibrate. Seeing it was Joey, she anx iously picked up.

“I’m here at the Courthouse.”

“You’re supposed to be watching Webber,” she whispered, looking around to be sure no one was listening to her.

“Followed him here this morning. He just left. Guess who he was following?”

“Joey—get to the point.”

“Manny Reyes.”

Nishimura hesitated, unable to process what that might mean. “Where are they now?”

“I lost them in the crowd.”

“Jesus. Keep looking.”

“For Webber or Reyes?”

Again in a whisper so no one nearby might overhear, but with no room for doubt, she said “Webber!”

“Got it.”

“Find him, damn it, and make sure you don’t lose him again. Try to figure out what the hell’s going on.”

* * *

Webber followed Reyes and the other man out of the Courthouse. Catching up to them at the curb, he realized this might be his only chance: “Mr. Reyes?”

The other man quickly stepped in to shelter Reyes, pushing Webber back, almost knocking him off his feet.

Webber recovered. “Who the hell do you think you are? You can’t do that.”

The man flashed a gold shield. “Actually, I can. Back up and tell me who you are.”

“My name’s Mark Webber. I’d like to speak to Mr. Reyes for a moment.”

“It’s all right, agent. Something I can do for you, Mr. Webber?”

Webber’s felt his juices reaching full boil. “You bet there is.”


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