Surprise Package: A Bad Boy Christmas Romance by Kira Blakely

Surprise Package: A Bad Boy Christmas Romance by Kira Blakely

Author:Kira Blakely [Blakely, Kira]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: AG Media, LLC
Published: 2017-11-16T18:30:00+00:00



“Abby’s gone.”

The moment I entered the room, I felt something was wrong, the hotel bathroom slippers lying inches from each other on the floor and the robe a heap on the couch. Now, after searching the room and finding no sign of Abby or any of her things, I know what’s wrong or rather, what’s missing.


She left. In a hurry. And judging from the pile of used tissue in the garbage can, she was upset. Since the phone receiver was on the floor, it must have something to do with that last conversation she had.

The question is… who was she talking to?

“I should have stayed at the hotel,” Roger says, frowning.

I shake my head, looking at the handset in my hand. “Something tells me you wouldn’t have been able to keep her from leaving.”

I press the redial button, my jaw clenching when I see an overseas number on the small screen. And not just any overseas number.


My jaw clenches. I thought something was bothering her. I thought it was just something that had happened at the mansion. I should have known it was something else. I should have known a smart woman like her would not be kept in the dark forever.

Not that I was planning to keep her in the dark forever. I was going to tell her someday when it no longer mattered, when we’ve been together for a long time, when I’ve become more certain that I wasn’t going to lose her.

And now, I’ve lost her.

I toss the phone on the bed and take mine out from my pocket, calling her.

“The number you are dialing is…”

I end the call then go over to the table where my laptop is, thinking of getting information on which plane she’s trying to get on in hopes of catching her before she’s on it.

In front of the table, I pause.

Wasn’t the lid of my laptop open earlier?

Lifting the lid, I see the wet drop on the keyboard. A tear. Quickly, I open the minimized window, feeling like throwing the mouse in my hand when I realize that it’s the message from my grandfather, the one with all the profiles of the women he wanted me to choose from for my wife.

“Fuck.” I beat my fist against the table, ignoring the pain.

“Fuck is right,” Roger says as he looks at my screen. “Your grandfather sure has a knack for complicating things, doesn’t he?”

“I’ll go after her.” I head toward the door. “I’ll go to Heathrow and look for her. I’ll pay people to help me find her if I have to.”

“Grant, wait.” Roger places a firm hand on my shoulder. “I know you want to make things right, and I really hope you do but you can’t do it right now.”

I turn around to face him. “Why not?”

“Because there’s something more important you should do.” Roger points to the screen of my laptop. “Even if you talk to Abby now, it won’t change the fact that your grandfather still wants you to marry someone of his choosing, which means the two of you still can’t be together.


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