Squeaky-Clean Fun by Pimapifi

Squeaky-Clean Fun by Pimapifi

Author:Pimapifi [Pimapifi]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Fimfiction
Published: 2015-11-07T23:00:01+00:00

* * *

Later that night, Shining Armor laid in bed, both hooves on his cock. He kept a contented grin as he jacked off, stroking his oil-covered hooves along the length of his shaft. His rod pointed straight up, as stiff as ever.

And yet, in the back of his mind, he knew that nothing would ever replace the warm slickness of his sister.

He closed his eyes and thought about Twilight, thought back to the sound of her small squeaks in his ears. The memory of her teenaged body riding his meat played over and over again, until it was burned into his imagination. All he wanted was to live it again, to hold her close and feel her, to fill her up. He wanted to just hear her voice, to smell that soft scent of old books that always followed her around.

Was this love? It had to be. Shining knew with all his heart that he loved Twilight. There were no questions about that.

Shining stroked faster, faster. He felt the end nearing—

A knock came at the door.

Shining grabbed his blanket and threw it over his body, making sure it was disheveled enough to hide the silhouette of his dick. “Who is it?” he called.

“It’s me, Shiny.”

He smiled and took off the blanket. “Come in, Twily.”

Twilight slipped into the room, and when she saw her brother’s dick, closed the door behind her. “You really should lock the door if you’re gonna do that,” she said, securing the latch on the door. “You could have been caught.”

“We could have been caught earlier,” Shining said with a grin. “One of us was being pretty loud.”

Clouds of pink swirled through Twilight’s cheeks. “Uh, sorry about that. I got pretty crazy, didn’t I?”

“Crazy? Try insane.” A familiar thought crossed Shining’s mind, and he sat up with a frown. “Please tell me that I didn’t actually get you pregnant, though. Because if Dad finds out we’re having a baby, he’s gonna—”

“No, I’m not pregnant. Did you really think I’d let you ejaculate inside of me if there were any chance of pregnancy?” Twilight asked. She chuckled. “Post-sex birth control spells may be in the ‘Adult’ section of the library, but then it’s a good thing I’ve never believed in age restrictions for literature.”

Shining Armor let out a relieved sigh and collapsed back onto the bed. “Thank goodness.”

Twilight put her hoof on his cock.

“Twily?” Shining said, wincing. “Do you wanna...?”

“I think I’m good for now,” Twilight said, stroking him. Her face was bright crimson, and her voice shook as she said, “Today was fun, but I’m a little sore. I... I just thought I’d give you a goodnight kiss.”

Shining gaped as Twilight hopped onto the bed, opened her mouth, and fit Shining’s cock inside. There was no finesse, or patience with her actions; she took as much of his length as she could fit inside her mouth, and then some. Shining felt that familiar pressure return, and he laid his head down, letting the feeling of Twilight’s soft lips against his dick wash over him.


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