Sons and Lovers by No Raisin

Sons and Lovers by No Raisin

Author:No Raisin [No Raisin]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Fimfiction
Published: 2017-04-02T16:00:01+00:00

The Lost Weekend

The scope of the castle made Twilight Velvet feel like a pygmy, which in reality was what she was. She was short in stature compared to the mare sitting in front of her, Princess Celestia, whose mane flowed supernaturally with radiant colors. On a calm day such as most Saturdays—and such a Saturday this was—Celestia rarely ventured far from her throne. So Velvet stood before a behemoth of a pony, trying not to let sweat form on her forehead. Their conversation shouldn't have dragged on as much as it did.

"I must admit, my dear Twilight Velvet, your daughter has been performing better than practically all of her peers," said Celestia.

"Oh, r-really? I was under the impression that she may have been underachieving," Velvet replied, cracking a nervous smile. "At least, by your standards, Your Highness, which no doubt must be very high."

Celestia tapped her chin, her hoof armed with regalia. One of the Princess' servants, a kindly middle-aged mare not much older than Velvet, brought a cup of tea near enough for Celestia to grab it with her magic. "Hmm, thank you." She then took a sip in contemplation. "Well, I do think her social skills could use improvement, as I mentioned before, but I think on the whole she is quite a promising little filly. Given time and some much-needed experience with various ponies, she could even..."

"Could even...?" Velvet cocked her head forward slightly. Oh, I wish Celestia made her messages clearer! I love her, but she's always too around-the-bush with what she means. Royalty, never telling the straight story.

Another sip. Celestia took on a grin that would have unnerved most ponies, though it was much more kindhearted than Velvet suspected. "Twilight Velvet, I'm not sure if you have noticed, but... I have been awfully lonely for too long. I haven't taken a student under my personal wing since when you were a filly, I'm afraid. The time has come, I think, to start the ascension to royalty for somepony who is truly worthy of that kind of power." Through all this her grin never left; its persistence told many stories. "It won't come about today or tomorrow, but I can sense that its inception is not too far away from the present."

As the words sunk their fangs into Velvet's flesh, she stood still as a statue. "Are you saying it's possible for... for my daughter to one day become royalty? But my husband and I, we're little more than commoners in Canterlot. It's such a high-strung city, and I'm not even sure if my son will have a much better existence than—"

"Do not worry about Shining Armor too deeply, my little pony." Celestia's tone gentled with those last three words. "He is a good colt, although I can't help but wonder if he could also use more in the way of social interaction."

"Well," Velvet said, "we may be a family of dorks, Your Highness. It must be something in our genes." I blame Night Light for this.


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