Skate Monkey: Demon Attack by Paul Mason

Skate Monkey: Demon Attack by Paul Mason

Author:Paul Mason
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781472933522
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Published: 2017-08-22T12:12:10+00:00

“I know,’ said Sandy. “It’s the anniversary celebration tonight and the Prime Minister is coming.”

“Of course!’ said Monkey. “The demon wants to get to Prime Minister Jones! What time does she come?”

“Five o’clock,” said Sam.

Monkey looked at his watch. He saw it was four thirty. “Let’s go!”

Chapter Eight

The friends ran up the stairs. They ran out of the store room. A crowd of students and parents were waiting outside the hall for the celebration to start. Everyone wanted to meet Prime Minister Jones.

“You two go outside to meet the Prime Minister,” said Monkey to Sam and his aunt. “We will go and stop the demon before she can carry out her evil plan.”

Monkey, Sandy and Zu ran to the hall. Monkey opened the lock and quickly shut the door behind them.

The demon was on the stage. She was making sure her trap was ready. “What are you doing in here?” she said crossly. “You have already been in trouble once today. I will ring your parents!”

Monkey laughed. “I don’t think so. We know who you are, white-bone demon.”

Monkey pulled out his pen. “Full charge,” he said. Soon the pen was the size of a baseball bat. Monkey spun it around in his hand.

Sandy got out her smartphone. “Upgrade,” she cried. The smartphone changed shape. It became a huge metal pole. Sandy twirled the pole above her head like a helicopter.


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