Second Nature (The Shape-Shifter Series #1) by Jae

Second Nature (The Shape-Shifter Series #1) by Jae

Author:Jae [Jae]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Adult, Fiction, Urban Fantasy, lesbian, romance, paranormal, Werewolves, Shapeshifter, Butch-Femme, Supernatural
ISBN: 9781934889435
Publisher: L-Book ePublisher
Published: 2009-11-02T00:00:00+00:00

Her shock was wearing off. It was a double-edged sword. While it allowed Jorie to think more clearly, it also made her aware of all the burning scrapes and throbbing bruises on her body. Testing how much freedom of movement her hurting body and Griffin would allow, she rolled to her knees.

Griffin made no move to stop her, so Jorie looked around.

Outside, the lights of Detroit were flashing by. They were driving as fast as the speed limit allowed.

Where are they taking me? The street signs provided no answers, so Jorie focused on the conversation between her kidnappers — or at least between two of them.

The woman sprawled in the passenger seat was still purring. One of her arms was draped over her smaller companion's lap. She snuggled up to her, one of her hands pressing rhythmically against the leg of the woman in the driver's seat as if she were a small, harmless kitten and not a six-foot woman.

Jorie stared, fascinated and scared in equal parts. She had Quinn, the tiger-shifter in her novel, do the same thing while she had kissed her partner for the first time. Jorie's head was spinning. It was as if the shifters from her novel had come to life or as if she were trapped in one of her bizarre dreams.

The painful pounding of her arm, where Griffin had grabbed her, told her it wasn't a dream. If this were a scene from my novel, one good-looking shifter would declare her never-ending love for me and serve me breakfast in bed, not try to kill me and eat me for breakfast.

Fewer and fewer neon lights flickered outside. They're taking me out of the city. Her knees started to shake. Jorie sat back down.

The woman in the passenger seat sat up. Dazed, she stared out the window for a few moments, then rubbed her face. "What happened?" she asked groggily.

"Let's just say that you spent the last few minutes as one happy cat," Griffin said with a slight smirk.

"Griffin used catnip on you," the smaller woman said.

"I thought you'd like it better than me trying to stop you with a bullet," Griffin said.

The cat woman pounded her fist against the dashboard.

Jorie's eyes widened when she saw the fist-sized dent.

"Damn you." The woman snarled at Griffin. "You didn't need to stop me at all. We're not here on Saru orders."

Saru? Is that what the shape-shifters are called?

"Shut up," Griffin ordered. "Not in front of her." She jerked her thumb at Jorie.

Jorie had enough. Enough of being talked about as if she were a child or as if she were not even present. Enough of being betrayed, threatened, almost killed, kidnapped, and dragged around. Enough of not knowing why this was happening to her. "Stop the car!"

"What?" Even the woman in the driver's seat looked away from the road for a moment to stare at Jorie.

"Stop the car," Jorie said. "I'm not going anywhere until I know what's going on."

The former catnip victim laughed sarcastically. "Not like you have a choice, human.


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