Revealed by Tamera Alexander

Revealed by Tamera Alexander

Author:Tamera Alexander
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Published: 2006-10-31T23:00:00+00:00

From a darkened alleyway, Matthew watched her enter the building and then slowly bowed his head. This was exactly what he had suspected would happen. Though a small part of him—a part he’d not even realized existed until that moment—had hoped she’d prove him wrong. Pastor Carlson, Kathryn Jennings, everyone . . . had done their best to convince him that Annabelle Grayson was a changed woman.

Seems he was the only one who hadn’t been played the fool.

Manasseh whinnied behind him. Matthew walked over to where he’d tethered the tan gelding. Stroking the tuft of white between the horse’s eyes, he looked back at the gaming hall. Still thinking about the brothels Annabelle had visited over the past couple of hours, he debated whether to wait for her. But for what purpose? If she was thinking of entering that life again, there was nothing he could do to stop her.

At the same time, his brother had paid a high price for that woman’s freedom—and not just in money. It angered him to think she would so hastily cast aside the sacrifices Johnny had made for her.

He waited, irritation building inside him as an imaginary clock ticked off the minutes in his head. Just when he’d decided to ride on back to camp, she walked out. And she wasn’t alone. The man with her leaned closer and said something. Annabelle shook her head. The fella’s laughter drifted toward him. Matthew could hear them speaking but couldn’t make out their conversation.

His stomach twisted tight watching her, thinking about what she’d most likely been doing for the past few minutes. More than a hand of friendly poker went on in a place like that. Johnny’s face came to mind, and the tightening in Matthew’s gut hardened to an ache. How could a woman be so devoid of feeling and morals? And supposedly when she was with child? Which he still wasn’t convinced of, especially seeing this.

Matthew was already to the edge of the street when he caught himself and stopped short. What was he going to do? Walk over there and accuse her of something when he had no solid proof? He knew her well enough to know she’d lie. At the drop of a hat she’d be spinning another web of deceit. No, he would have to catch her in the act, where she would have no excuse. How could Johnny have ever cared for a woman like her?

He strode to his horse, then rode the long way around town back to camp.


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