Paying to Win in a VRMMO: Volume 6 by Blitz Kiva & Kuwashima Rein & Elizabeth Ellis & Emily Sorensen

Paying to Win in a VRMMO: Volume 6 by Blitz Kiva & Kuwashima Rein & Elizabeth Ellis & Emily Sorensen

Author:Blitz Kiva & Kuwashima Rein & Elizabeth Ellis & Emily Sorensen
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Published: 2018-01-18T05:00:00+00:00

“It seems Ichiro Tsuwabuki is taking action,” the secretary said, removing her Miraive Gear headset.

Shinya Otogiri, CEO of Pony Entertainment, Inc., poked his head out of the mountain of lollipops on his desk and responded. “Ms. Hishoyama, is that true?”

“Yes,” the secretary confirmed quietly.

Otogiri grimaced openly, then sat back deeply in his chair. “I see. He’s taking action, eh? And by that, you mean he’s going to try to prove himself innocent?”

“That appears to be part of it, but...” The secretary explained to Otogiri about the information she had acquired.

Ichiro Tsuwabuki had been arrested on suspicion of unauthorized access, but the truth was, they already knew that the series of incidents had actually been caused by a rogue AI on the run from the Thistle Corporation. They had expected Ichiro to take some action to prove this, but his actions suggested he was trying for more.

There was no way, legally, for the artificial intelligence Rosemary to be acknowledged as a person under current law. Ichiro seemed to be unsatisfied with this, so before he could prove his own innocence, he appeared to be trying to ensure that Rosemary could be guaranteed human rights.

“They didn’t discuss that part exactly, but...” The secretary set the Miraive Gear on the desk and pushed her thin-rimmed glasses up her nose. “Judging from the girl’s explanation, that must be it.”

“Hmm, I see.” Otogiri took a single lollipop from the mountain on his desk.

“But that will take him time. Does that mean that if we deal with the artificial intelligence in the meantime, we win?”

“Yes. Ichiro Tsuwabuki will lose any way to prove his innocence.”

“Even so, forcing the issue doesn’t seem to be working.” Otogiri had been petitioning his friend in the police department to seize as evidence the server machine and supercomputer in which the artificial intelligence likely resided, but they hadn’t made much progress. The man in charge of the investigation on the ground seemed to be dragging his feet.

His acquaintance in the upper ranks had seemed quite hesitant about the idea of erasing an artificial intelligence to frame somebody, but when Otogiri pointed out that its existence would cause great complications in the law going forward, the man took it very seriously. Still, just because he’d agreed didn’t mean the investigators would necessarily spring into action.

If Ichiro brought up the artificial intelligence as evidence before the investigators confiscated it, then his innocence would be all but proven. Besides, even Otogiri had his limits. Right now he wanted to avoid the risk of breaking laws as much as possible. He was already walking a dangerous line.

“As usual, the Tsuwabuki household is being insufferable,” Otogiri said, tearing the wrapper off the lollipop and putting it in his mouth. A sweet sensation spread across his tongue. “Well, it seems like I’ll have some thinking to do. Also, Ms. Hishoyama, about the takeover...”


As he licked the lollipop, he reflected that it still just wasn’t stimulating enough. If he wanted to think up a good idea, he needed to find a lollipop with a more unusual flavor.


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