Payback by Melinda Metz - Fingerprints - 7

Payback by Melinda Metz - Fingerprints - 7

Author:Melinda Metz - Fingerprints - 7 [7, Melinda Metz - Fingerprints -]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fantasy, Mystery, Young Adult, Science Fiction
Goodreads: 644195
Publisher: Avon Inspire
Published: 2002-02-01T00:00:00+00:00


Go home and act like everything’s normal. Easy for her to say, Yana thought. She walked across the lawn toward her house. It looked different to her.

Like she’d been away for a mil ion years. But it had only been a couple of weeks.

Wonder if Dad even noticed I was gone, she thought as she unlocked the front door. Probably, she decided when she saw what a sty he’d made of the place. He had to have noticed there was no one fol owing him around with a shovel.

So I’m supposed to have a normal life- except for my power-training sessions, Yana thought. She shut the door and stepped into the living room. That’s what Ms. Cascone had told her. I guess that means I should-

“Yana? Is that you?” Before she could answer, her dad strode into the living room and got in her face. “Where in the hel have you been?”

Like you care, Yana thought. “At a friend’s. You’re always saying how you want more privacy for you and what’s her name, so I thought I’d give you two a little honeymoon.”

“If you’re not going to be here, I expect a cal ,” he told her, sounding like he was doing an imitation of a dad on a sitcom. Which he probably was. It wasn’t like he had a clue on his own.

“Fine. Next time I wil . Sorry,” Yana said. She could thought-implant him and end this conversation right now, but it felt like her brain had freezer burn.

“You don’t sound very sorry,” he went on. But his dad imitation was already getting shaky. He missed his French toast and his meat loaf; she was sure of that. Other than that and the cleaning thing, she could have been locked in her room for weeks for al he knew.

“I am sorry,” Yana answered. Even to herself she didn’t sound sorry, but she kept on going. “It was inconsiderate.” That’s what a sitcom dad would want to hear. “I real y won’t do it again. Now I’ve gotta go to bed. School in the morning.”

Without giving him a chance to reply, she stepped around him and headed straight to her room. It felt different to her, too. Smal ler. But God, she was glad to be there. She’d been sure she’d never get out of the Wilton Center alive when she’d realized that

everyone in the agency could somehow block her thought-implanting.

Didn’t matter. She had permission to go there every day. More than permission. The goons would probably hunt her down if she didn’t show. And somehow she was going to figure out a way to take the whole place down. For her mom. And for herself. And even for Rae-not that Rae would ever let Yana within a hundred miles of her again.

Yana shoved off her shoes without untying them, then stripped off her jeans. She fel into bed, wearing the T-shirt she’d had on for way too many days. Al she wanted right now was sleep. But her bed didn’t feel right.


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