One-Hit Wonder by Lisa Jewell

One-Hit Wonder by Lisa Jewell

Author:Lisa Jewell [Jewell, Lisa]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Romance, Music, BritChickLit, Modern, Contemporary, Fiction, Women Singers, London, Adult, Young Women
ISBN: 9780525946533
Google: l16v4W3zJHMC
Amazon: B000IOF0KS
Goodreads: 551963
Publisher: Plume
Published: 2001-01-02T00:00:00+00:00


June 1997

Bee parked her bike and dismounted. She pulled a bag from the basket on the back and walked toward the house. It was a beautiful place, turreted and gargoyled and slightly enchanted-looking. She crunched uncertainly across the gravel driveway to the front entrance.

“Good morning,” she said to the blue-uniformed nurse at the reception desk, “my name’s Belinda Wills. I have an appointment with Dr. Chan. About Alexander Roper.”

The nurse smiled. “Yes, certainly. Do take a seat.” She indicated a row of plastic chairs behind her.

“Actually,” said Bee, “I was hoping I could get changed first. You know. Get out of these leathers. I don’t want to frighten him, or anything.” She laughed nervously and the nurse smiled and pointed her toward the ladies’ room.

Once in there, Bee started feeling sick with nerves. What was she doing? What in the name of God was she actually doing? This was a ridiculous idea. Bee had had some ridiculous ideas in her time, done some foolish and ill-advised things, but this really took the double-chunky-chocolate-chip stupid cake. Her heart raced and her hands shook as she tried to unzip her leathers.

“Fuck,” she muttered under her breath, “fuck.”

She finally managed to slip out of them and then fiddled around in the bag she’d brought with her for her “Belinda Wills” outfit. Tailored black trousers, gray turtleneck jumper, flat lace-up shoes. She grimaced at them. Flat shoes‌—she hated flat shoes. They made her look like a pygmy. And turtlenecks‌—yuck. She looked mono-bosomed in a turtleneck, like a little boy with a giant Swiss Roll stuck up his jumper. She put on the hateful clothes and then tried to do something with her hair, something to make her look less like a coke-sniffing advertising executive and more like the schoolteacher she was claiming to be. She combed it till it went limp and then slicked on a bit of pearly lipstick. Her eyes, without the thick black eyeliner she normally wore, looked like two currants pushed into the white dough of her unfoundationed, unblushered face. Yuck yuck yuck. Still‌—she wasn’t there to be admired, she was there to be accepted and this was the only way. The only way.

Bee took a very deep breath and looked in the mirror at Belinda Wills one more time before tucking her hair behind her ears and going back to the reception desk.


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