Negotiatons: House of Theoden (Episode Three of Season Two) (The New Haven Series Season 2 Book 3) by Nicholas Bella

Negotiatons: House of Theoden (Episode Three of Season Two) (The New Haven Series Season 2 Book 3) by Nicholas Bella

Author:Nicholas Bella [Bella, Nicholas]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2015-02-27T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter Four


Before I even stepped off the elevator, I could smell the distinct scent of blood. When the mirrored doors opened, I looked to my left to see Jonah cleaning up a puddle of blood off the floor. There was a dead body stuffed in a black body bag and another being fed on by a newly embraced blond vampire. An Asian man was kneeling at Ryu’s feet, licking his toes as he lorded over him with a crop. Tyler was standing by the feeding newbie, readying to pull him off his meal. Well, it would seem that my boys had a very busy night.

“Is this one to be yours?” I asked Ryu, pointing to the man lapping his toes.

Ryu shrugged. “I’m not sure yet, still feeling him out, but I like what he’s doing so far. I’m going to see how good he is at eating my ass. You know how I love that.”

I nodded with a smile. “That is a skill he must master living in this House.”

Ryu laughed and nudged the man away with his foot. “Get up.”

The human rose, head bowed, and that was well done. He’s not worthy yet to look my sons in their eyes.

“Let’s go.” Ryu led him off to the den, which I’m sure means he was going to put his anilingus skills to the ultimate test.

Tyler pried his newly embraced child off his now deceased victim. The vampire’s cock was rock hard and in need of his Father’s attention. “You did well siring your first child, Tyler. I’d say that I was impressed, but I honestly expected nothing less from my offspring than perfection.”

Tyler beamed at me. “Thank you, Father. This one showed promise and I get the feeling he’s going to love being on the other side of fence, now.” He looked at his new son who was still reeling from his feeding and wiped some of the blood dripping down his chin off with a finger. He sucked the blood off, and moaned at the flavor. “That was a tasty meal, did you enjoy your first kill?” he asked his son.

The boy nodded and swayed a little. “Yes, Sir.”

“Tomorrow night, I’ll let you feed until you’re completely satisfied, but right now, I’m a bit tired and there’s still the matter of this erection of yours we need to take care of.” He reached down, grabbing the boy’s dick and his son moaned and leaned back against him, giving himself to Tyler.

So far, I liked what I was seeing. That was the benefit of siring a human already in the system. They know their place and how to be subservient. He’ll adjust without the punishments Noel had to endure.

“Are you ready to cum?” Tyler asked his boy.

“Ahhh,” he moaned. “Yes, Sir.” His chest heaved with the pleasure he was feeling.

“I’ll leave you to tend to your son,” I said. I didn’t wait for his response, I didn’t need to. Watching Tyler jerk his son off was hot, but I was entirely too exhausted to see it through.


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