Mystery of the Eagle's Nest by Tamra Wight

Mystery of the Eagle's Nest by Tamra Wight

Author:Tamra Wight
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Islandport Press

Chapter 15

During the first nine days of its life, an eaglet cannot focus its eyes.

The next morning, I searched the bathrooms, the maintenance area, the workshop, and even the pool (although that was a long shot) for Dad before Mom finally told me he was fixing a water leak on site 10. Hawke’s site.

“Maybe I can help you?” she asked.

I slowly backed toward the door. “Nooo …”

“Are you sure?” She wore her best you-can-tell-me smile.

“It’s more of a guy question.” My hands pushed on the screen door and I was gone in a flash. She would have thrown too many questions my way after she’d heard the one I wanted to ask. Dad, though—he always asked just enough.

I stepped onto the site, then followed Dad’s whistling to the back, where I found his feet sticking out from under the motor home.

“Hey, Dad. How’s it going?” I squatted lower to the ground.

“Cooper? Glad you showed up! Hand me a Phillips-head screwdriver, please. I need to tighten this clamp.” His hand came out from under the motor home, palm up.

I poked around the red metal toolbox, which sat open right in front of me.

“What’s up?” he asked. “You and Packrat and Roy, you seem pretty busy lately.”

“Yeah.” Finding the screwdriver, I put it into Dad’s hand. “A cache went missing, and we’re trying to replace it.”

“Oh,” he said, distractedly. “Hey, it’s really something about those eaglets, huh? You must be pretty excited. Your mom looked it up and there’s only been, like, four cases of quadruplets in the country, ever.”


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