Men of the House: A MMF Romance by Abby Angel & Alexis Angel

Men of the House: A MMF Romance by Abby Angel & Alexis Angel

Author:Abby Angel & Alexis Angel [Angel, Abby]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Naughty Angel Publishing
Published: 2017-03-17T16:00:00+00:00



I knock on his door, shifting my weight from foot to foot as I wait for a response. Sure, I could've pressed the electric doorbell, but what the hell? I’ve always been a little old fashioned. It doesn’t take long: a few seconds after my first knock I hear footsteps from the other side. I take a deep breath to calm myself as Arsen opens the door, a wide smile on his lips.

He looks at me shamelessly, his eyes wandering from my face to my breasts, and then down to my waist. God, the way he looks at me is so goddamn intoxicating.

“You look good,” he says, stepping to the side and inviting me in. Oh, of course I look good—tight black dress and the tiniest lace thong I could find, I came ready for action… And something in the tone of his voice unleashes that wild beast I keep hidden inside of me. My mind goes blank and, next thing I know, I’m walking toward him with a sure step. I grab him by the collar of his shirt and before he has the time to react I press my mouth against his. His eyes widen in surprise, but he regains his composure quickly enough, his hands immediately darting to my waist. “Someone’s pretty eager.”

“You can’t imagine how eager I am right now,” I shoot back, pressing my hand against his crotch. He’s already as hard as rock, so I curl my fingers around the shape of his cock, grinning wildly at him. To say that I’m eager is putting it mildly, really, after that phone call with Client 5, "King Henry," I just can’t wait to feel Arsen’s cock once more. In a sense, it’s weird. Here I am, jumping into Arsen’s arms because a stranger’s voice drove me completely insane with pleasure. A day in the life of a phone sex operator, right?

“I like eager. Good,” he simply whispers, a flicker of darkness in his eyes. I’ve set something in motion that I can’t stop—and, hell, it sounds so damn good.

With his hands on my waist he pushes me back across the hallway and into the living room. I walk backward awkwardly, only stopping when my ass meets the edge of his leather couch. On the way there my eyes wander to the wall where he pinned me… The one where he fucked me relentlessly, memories of the most perfect sex I’ve ever had flooding my mind.

I take my fingers to his collar, ready to start unbuttoning it, but he's faster than I am. Hooking his fingers on my hip, he makes me turn around and, with one forearm across my shoulder blades, bends me over the couch. I bite my lower lip as he grabs my ass harshly, his long fingers bunching up my dress as he touches me. A gasp leaves my lips as he slaps my buttocks with the back of his hand, the sound of it almost too exhilarating.

“Since our last time together,”


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