Men of Iron (Yesterday's Classics) by Pyle Howard

Men of Iron (Yesterday's Classics) by Pyle Howard

Author:Pyle, Howard [Pyle, Howard]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 9781599152943
Publisher: Yesterday's Classics
Published: 2010-11-12T03:28:37.316000+00:00


Myles told him of the spikes he had driven in the wall, and the Earl listened, stroking his beard. When the lad had ended, he fixed a sharp look upon him. "But thou drove not those spikes alone," said he; "who helped thee do it?"

"That I may not tell," said Myles, firmly.

"So be it," said the Earl. "I will not ask thee to tell his name. Now get thee gone! And as for those spikes, thou mayst e'en knock them out of the wall, sin thou drave them in. Play no more pranks an thou wouldst keep thy skin whole. And now go, I say!"

Myles needed no further bidding, but turned and left the Earl without another word. As he went out the postern-gate he looked over his shoulder, and saw the tall figure, in its long fur-trimmed gown, still standing in the middle of the path, looking after him from under the shaggy eyebrows.

As he ran across the quadrangle, his heart still fluttering in his breast, he muttered to himself, "The old grizzle-beard; an I had not faced him a bold front, mayhap he would have put such shame upon me as he said. I wonder why he stood so staring after me as I left the garden."

Then for the time the matter slipped from his mind, saving only that part that smacked of adventure.


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