Malfeasance by Webster K

Malfeasance by Webster K

Author:Webster, K
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Taboo Treats novella
Publisher: K Webster
Published: 2017-12-30T05:00:00+00:00

I’ve died and gone to heaven. That’s the only way to explain the blonde-haired, blue eyed angel who’s sprawled out on my desk. Her chest is heaving, her eyes are wild, and her pussy is still soaked from where I brought her to orgasm with just my thumb and tongue.

Fuck did she taste good.

Sweet as sin.

And when her pussy clenched around my tongue when she came, I’d never experienced anything quite like it. She’s tight and going to feel damn good on my dick.

I grab her hips and yank her closer to me until her ass hangs off the edge of the desk. A moan of anticipation escapes her. Her fingers go to the back of her neck as she unties the top of her dress. My cock slides between the lips of her hot sex but I don’t enter her yet. I’m too busy feasting on the little strip show she’s doing. The moment she peels the dress down to her stomach and reveals her bare breasts, I groan.

Small, peachy nipples.

Tiny white tits that I want to turn purple.

Fuck, she’s perfect.

“Touch them,” I bark out, my voice hoarse with need.

She obeys—good little girl—and teases her nipples with her thumbs. My hips buck against her and she jolts as my cock slides against her still sensitive clit.

“I need to go upstairs and fetch a condom,” I utter but don’t stop rubbing against her.

Her desperate whimper almost does me in. “I’m clean. And you…you’re clean right?”

I nod. “Babies?”

“Pull out,” she breathes, her eyes hooded and urgent.

With my dick in one hand and my other on her hip, I drive deep into her tight body with one powerful thrust. She screams and I nearly black out with pleasure. It’s been so long that I forgot what it’s like to be with a woman.

It’s fucking amazing.

As soon as I start bucking into her, she flashes me a desperate look. “Kiss me.”

I don’t have to be told twice, I slide an arm beneath her and pull her into my arms. Her body settles on my cock and her arms wrap around my neck. With her legs wrapped tightly around me, we’re in a perfect position to kiss. Our lips and tongues fight to get to each other. I step out of my shoes and the rest of my clothes as I walk her to the closest wall which just happens to be my bookshelf. She cries out when I push her against the books and never lose my stride of fucking her.

“God,” I groan against her mouth. “You’re so fucking perfect.”

She rips at my hair as she starts to lose herself to another orgasm. This one I can feel claiming her from the inside. Her body seizes around my cock and milks my own climax out of me with such force, I nearly drop her.

I start to pull out to send my come shooting between us, but she has me on lock down, her mouth desperately claiming mine. I’m so wrapped up in her, I don’t even give a damn.


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