Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 1 by Mihara Mitsuki

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 1 by Mihara Mitsuki

Author:Mihara Mitsuki [Mitsuki, Mihara]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

Being able to meet him once again, actually she was very happy ——but she was so angry that she could not forgive him

She actually wanted to get closer to him and wanted to talk about the stories from the past……

——How long has it been since she had laid down on the bed depressed.

“Hey, Amasaki……Dinner is ready.”

A voice passed through the room’s door. It was an extremely awkward voice. However, from the voice, you could feel a different feeling than anger existed.

It was Kazu-nii’s gentle voice. But because of that……she wanted to behave in a more willful manner.

“……The meals you made, I don’t want them!”

——But that person, who loves to be a nosy, would definitely not allow this kind of unhealthy behavior of not eating dinner.

Just like the past. If he was to care about her, then perhaps he would not put her aside no matter what.

Even though she knew that this was not allowed, but she still embraced this kind of expectation.


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