Kate McLachlan - Rip Van Dyke by Kate McLachlan

Kate McLachlan - Rip Van Dyke by Kate McLachlan

Author:Kate McLachlan
Language: fr
Format: mobi
ISBN: 9781935053545
Publisher: YELLOW ROSE BOOKS (2010)
Published: 2010-05-15T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter Nineteen


JILL LAY WITH her left arm behind her head and her right arm around Kendra, who rested her head on Jill's shoulder. Kendra ran a finger around Jill's left breast, then the right, bringing it up to circle the aureole. As the nipple swelled, Kendra leaned over and let her tongue follow her fingertip, pulling the nipple into her mouth and sucking gently. Jill gasped.

"I love your breasts," Kendra breathed softly, giving the erect nipple a kiss. She kissed the left as well before settling back into the curve of Jill's shoulders.

"What, these old things?" Jill asked. "They're seventy years old, you know."

"Yeah, but you have the body of a sixty year old, and sixty is the new fifty. Your breasts definitely look younger than mine. I wish I had small breasts like yours."

She was blatantly fishing, but it worked. Jill was horrified. "Don't even say such a thing. Your breasts are magnificent." She sat up in the bed, gently moved Kendra's head onto the pillow, and gave Kendra's breasts a thorough scrutiny that was not entirely scientific. They were definitely large, and as Kendra lay on her back, they drooped off the sides of her body. Jill gently cradled them in her hands and lifted them to the front of Kendra's body and held them there, plump and erect.

Kendra averted her eyes, surprisingly bashful at Jill's candid appreciation. "Come on, I've nursed two children with these breasts. And they were large even before that. If it weren't for that harness they call a full-figured bra, they'd hang to my belly button. And look at the stretch marks."

Puzzled, Jill asked, "Why would you think that's bad?" Still holding Kendra's breasts full and lush on her chest, Jill buried her face between them and kissed the smooth breastbone between. She gazed up at Kendra and said simply, "They're the most beautiful things I've ever seen."

Kendra smiled, tremulously at first, then with increasing delight. She cupped Jill's face in her hands and tugged gently, making Jill crawl up for a kiss. They settled into each other's arms, bare legs entwined. "How could we have wasted the last twenty years apart?"

"We weren't exactly apart," Jill said. "We've been friends all along. That wasn't wasted time."

"I know, but that's not the same. This is what I wanted."

"No, it's not. You've had lots of girlfriends and boyfriends in the last twenty years. You weren't wasting away lusting after me."

"Wrong," said Kendra. "I've had lots of girlfriends and boyfriends, but I always lusted after you. From the first time we met at Patsy's fiftieth."

Jill raised herself up on an elbow and stared down at Kendra, astonished and skeptical. "Nuh uh, you did not." But when she saw the eloquent expression in Kendra's eyes, she faltered. "Did you?"

"Think about it, honey." Kendra drew Jill's head down and pressed it on her chest. "There I was, Inez's date, and all I did was hang around you and RIP. And you know I don't have a scientific mind. Why did you think I did that?"

"I didn't think about it.


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