Jelly Roll Inspirations by Pam Lintott

Jelly Roll Inspirations by Pam Lintott

Author:Pam Lintott [Lintott, Pam]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781446350935
Publisher: F+W Media, Inc.
Published: 2009-10-16T22:00:00+00:00

2 Trim the selvedge and then cut sixteen 21/2 in wide segments from the strip unit.

3 Rotate eight of the segments and chain piece together to form eight four-patch blocks, pinning the centre seam to ensure a perfect match.

4 Repeat with your other pairs of jelly roll strips, keeping the eight four-patch blocks from each pair of strips in separate piles.


When making the four-patch blocks, if you cut each of your jelly roll strip units in half to form two rectangles 41/2in x 22in you can layer one half on top of the other, reversing the light and the dark fabric, and cut eight 21/2in segments. They are then ready to sew together to form your eight four-patch blocks.


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