J.C. Owens - Gaven 2 by Gaven The Bonding

J.C. Owens - Gaven 2 by Gaven The Bonding

Author:Gaven The Bonding [Bonding, Gaven The]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter Six

But I did not.

I found myself in a whirl of people who seemed wildly happy for me, as though they knew more—or at least had asked more—than I had.

I was too much in shock to be able to askVlar the questions that flowed through my mind. I had to solidify them for myself before I could word them properly for others, and by then it seemed everyone else was more in the know than I.

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Strange times bring strange actions in people, for the one who seemed most happy for me was…my father. Gareth took the news with silent astonishment, then a sort of quiet pride that I had never seen in him.

He clapped me on the shoulder, told me, “Well done.” Since I had come toMasaria , I’d never received the slightest praise from him, and now I was given an accolade for something I hadn’t even consciously done. I had not soughtVlar nor attempted to place myself in a position where he might notice me. It had all been done against my will. Now there were those people who spoke as though I had planned this, created this.

It angered me.

On this particular night, I sought out the peace of the garden, trying to silence my own inner conflict, find some way to come to terms with this…this…whatever it was.

I heardVlar’s footsteps enter my sanctuary, knew he made sound deliberately, for normally he was utterly silent. I did not turn to face him, only leaned against a pillar and looked up into the face of the full moon, my thoughts fragmented and unhappy.

Vlar’shand came down upon my shoulder, and I did not shrug it away or flinch. Whatever was happening was beyond that now. It was time that I learned more, asked more. This was my life that was changing yet again. Surely I was entitled to understand why.

His large hand trailed down my arm and caught my hand, using it to gently turn me to face him.

“Speak to me,Gaven . You have been so silent. I’ve waited, for I knew you had to mull on what is happening between us, on what this means to us both, but this has gone on too long. You need to voice your concerns.” His tone was low and deep, but with a certain gentleness and understanding I had not expected from him. He seemed so changed since this had been confirmed, so different with me. It made me more confused, more uncertain of my place. He had been the hub of my existence since I came to Masaria ; his behaviors and actions had fueled my own responses in every way.

Now even he was different, and I had no idea how to cope with this.

He drew me to a high-backed marble bench and made me sit, still retaining his hold on my hand as he followed suit.

“Speak to me,” he repeated, eyes fixed on mine.

I swallowed with great difficulty, forcing myself to keep looking at him, to not shift my gaze as I longed to do.


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