Insatiable by Jenika Snow

Insatiable by Jenika Snow

Author:Jenika Snow [Snow, Jenika]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2010-12-20T12:00:02.275000+00:00

Chapter Six

Isaac gripped my shoulders and pulled me up. I turned my head and gasped as his lips pressed against mine and his tongue slid into my mouth. Lukas’ hands moved up my stomach and across my breasts where he pinched and tweaked at one of my turgid nipples. I groaned when I felt the hot recess of Lukas’ mouth cover the other one, his tongue swirling around and his teeth gently nipping at it. Isaac let go of the tip and Lukas’ mouth alternated between nipples. One of Lukas’ hands moved between our bodies and his finger started to flick at my clit. Isaac gripped my hips and broke the kiss as he gently pushed me back down. The engorged tip slipped out of Lukas’ mouth with a resounding pop.

“Are you ready for us, Scarlett?”

Isaac’s words were whispered against my ear and made me shiver in delight. I nodded and lifted up slightly and looked down. Lukas grabbed his cock and placed it at the entrance of my pussy.

“Sink down slowly on me, baby.”

His cock head was so big and thick, and when I slowly sank down on him, he stretched me wide. The burn was delicious and caused my clit to tingle.

“That’s it. Take all of my cock into that sweet little pussy.”

I braced my legs wider apart and sank all the way down until our pelvises touched. I could feel my inner walls widening around his cock and we both groaned in unison. My pussy felt strained, stretched to capacity. Isaac placed his palm in the centre of my back and pressed my upper body down towards Lukas. The new position pressed my clit against the base of Lukas’ shaft and made me groan in pleasure.

Isaac’s palm grazed down my back and over my ass. I heard a wrapper tear open and looked over my shoulder to see Isaac sliding on a condom. Lukas reached behind me and spread my cheeks apart. I felt the hot tip of Isaac’s erection poised at my anus.

“Are you sure about this, Scarlett?”

Isaac’s words were spoken so softly and sincerely. I nodded, knowing I wanted to be connected to them in such a personal way that made us all one. Before I could say anything, I felt Isaac start to push his dick into my ass.

“Relax, Scarlett. Bear down as I push in.”

I did what Isaac said and forced myself to relax. The head popped in and Isaac groaned behind me as he gripped my hips tightly. The pain was like a hot poker inside me, but soon I started to heat with pleasure. He started to slide all of his cock into me, starting an incredible fire that coursed right through me. I had never known having anal sex could be so pleasurable, or maybe it was because I was sharing this intimate experience with the two men I loved the most. When he was fully inside me, all three of us sighed. Neither of them moved as they let my body become accustomed to them.


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