Horror Wears Blue by Lin Carter

Horror Wears Blue by Lin Carter

Author:Lin Carter [Carter, Lin]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Thunderchild Publishing
Published: 2017-12-02T07:00:00+00:00

Val Petrie was just leaving his offices at New Scotland Yard when Cathleen McCullen called. Something made the duty officer thumb the “hold” button at the gate.

Stopped thereby, young Petrie frowned, picked up the phone, and listened intently. A short, redheaded man, called Aloysius, an American tourist, living somewhere in Piccadilly, with a young American boy, perhaps twelve …

Val Petrie had done his homework scrupulously. He knew well Scorchy Muldoon’s real name, and that the boy, Joey Weston, was about twelve. He also knew that the pub in question was very near the fleabag hotel where Zarkon and the Omega team were staying.

His gray eyes flashed with fire!

Cutting into the call, Petrie said: “Miss McCullen? Can you give us the address of the house into which the two were taken? Yes, yes” — scribbling rapidly. “We’ll have a few patrol cars in that vicinity in no time. I want you to stay out of sight! Is there a pub or coffee shop nearby — there is? Go to it. We’ll find you.”

The waitress indicated that she understood, and hung up the phone. There was a small coffee shop down the road and she headed in that direction.

Once the line was cleared, Val Petrie rang a number.

“Henderson? This is Petrie. Two of the Omega men have been captured, probably by the Vulture’s men. Call up the flying squad and have them ready for an assault.” He rang off, then dialed another number. It was that of the Hotel Royal Imperial in Piccadilly.

“This is Petrie,” he said when Doc Jenkins answered the phone. “Let me speak to Prince Zarkon — quick, man.”


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