Hornblower's Charitable offering by C. S. Forester

Hornblower's Charitable offering by C. S. Forester

Author:C. S. Forester [Forester, C. S.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Short Stories, Naval Fiction
Published: 2011-03-12T00:00:00+00:00

At dawn she was there, and the earliest hint of daylight found her nosing her way cautiously towards the beach, from which even here, with the wind in the wrong direction, could be heard the thunderous beat of the surf.

"That's the dagos' victualling-ship, I'll lay a guinea," said Bush with his glass to his eye.

It was a small brig, hull down and hove to, over on the horizon.

"Yes," said Hornblower, the speech deserved no more ample rejoinder. He was much too occupied looking through his own glass at the craggy beach of rock on which the Spaniards had seen fit to place twenty-thousand men. It was just a grey fragment, one single ridge projecting like a tooth from the blue Mediterranean, its steep slopes unrelieved by any trace of green. Around its foot the rollers broke into white fountains of spray, Hornblower could see the waves reaching 20 or 30 feet up the cliffs as they beat upon them, save in the centre where a long flurry of foam revealed the landing beach and all its dangers. It was a wicked enough place.


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